World’s Greatest Caucus – 2022

Sunday May 29, 2022
12:00 p.m.
Pike & Pint
Alexandria, MN

Here’s a post that everyone can respond to in order to keep all responses in one place and accessible.

zooomx.2’s offer:

I am going to close to the public on Sunday (29th) and Monday that weekend. The Twins play at 1pm on Sunday. I would be willing to open up at noon for the caucus. My thoughts would be to have one of my cooks put together a little lunch buffet for the group. I would have a bartender on staff. Food is on me, cocktails would be cash bar. Bring the kids. If its nice weather we will hang out on the patio. If it's inclement weather, me hang out in the bar with the 6 TV's. I can break out the cribbage boards and some cornhole boards.

30 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Caucus – 2022”

  1. I found out my son will be in Atlanta that weekend for a national knowledge bowl tournament so I may be available.

    1. Doc, you’re a government cog. Spend that sweet sweet pto on something other than yard work.

    1. Welp, seeing that I never really looked at the dates I totally forgot that Dr. Chop and I will be in Scotland over that weekend. Bummer.

  2. Also, you’re really holding out hope that the Twins will be playing a ball game. If we can get 18 maybe we decide who’s the home club and who’s the road team to settle the bar tab.

    1. Given the collective age of the Citizenry these days, we probably shouldn't do anything too strenuous

        1. After conferring with my attorney, I refuse to comment under the rights afforded to me under the Fifth Amendment

  3. I am seeing some possible hysteria about Kaspersky Lab products. Is there any (good) reason to be concerned? I use the free antivirus product on my droid phone.

    If so, recommended alternatives? I am cheap, but willing to pay a little for peace of mind.

  4. Put me down as interested. I will see what I can do to make this happen. I am not sure about graduation events, etc., as I have two nephews graduating this year. But, I'll check.

  5. Lots of time to plan, but if anyone is thinking of doing a drive up and back on the day of from the Twin Cities, we should talk car pool. Just putting it out there to discuss later in May.

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