30 thoughts on “June 3, 2022: Road Trip”

  1. Speaking of road trips, Dr. Chop and I are headed to Nashville this weekend to get out of dodge for a hot minute. We've been before (like 17 years ago..... yikes), anyone have any suggestions?

    1. You have to do Broadway at some time, even if for a couple of hours. Ryman Auditorium tour is great and spring for the backstage access. If you want a chiller vibe than Broadway, East Nashville has hip restaurants and cool music venues too, without the pedal pubs and bachelorette parties.

    2. If you're so inclined, the State Capital is a pretty cool historical site and there's a state history museum right by it.

    1. The headline had me confused but clicking through to find the list and I get it:

      The Twins have a series in Toronto this weekend and Kepler, Caleb Thielbar, Emilio Pagán and Trevor Megill didn't make the trip

    1. I suspect it's an in-clubhouse nickname that he accidentally said on the broadcast. We've all seen his mustache, right?

  2. There was a basketball game last night. The NBA playoffs have been mostly non-scintillating, but last night's game was... scintillating.

    Curry was a house on fire in the first quarter, scoring 21 of his 34 in that frame. GSW started with a haymaker, but the Cs did not wilt and stayed within shouting distance after one. Curry went to the bench for a long rest to start the second and he never again showed like he did in the first frame. Cs had a small lead at the half. Jason Tatum couldn't throw it in the ocean from the beach all night, finishing 3-17. Everyone else was throwing it in from everywhere, as the Cs made 21 threes (on 41 tries) to GSW's 19 makes.

    GSW with their trademark 3rd Q run put them up by almost 20 until the Cs closed it to 12 late. Then the fourth happened. The Cs battled back to tie it with about half the quarter left and put their foot on the gas with a 17-0 run to seal the game. Boston got 40 in the fourth (none of them coming from their 1st team All NBA player, Jason Tatum). Instead, you had Al Horford (!!!!) raining in threes. The Cs defense was suffocating. GSW got 5 garbage time points to cut the 4th Q deficit to 40-16. Boston wins 120-108. Shocking.

    GSW got a great overall performance from Steph (although much of it was in the 1st Q). Klay was a non-factor. Draymond was a net negative. The Cs got an unbelievably bad shooting game from Tatum, but he dished out 13 assists. Marcus Smart, Horford, and Derrick White combined for 15-23 from deep. That is unsustainable, but Tatum won't play like that every night, either. Klay probably has a couple of games in the series where you are reminded that he is Klay Thompson, but that Cs defense is also pretty good. GSW can guard, too, but it seemed like the Cs had a lot of wide open looks last night.

    I had this series as an easy win for GSW before it started, since the Cs played pretty inconsistently against Miami and they let Jimmy Butler go off a couple of times. Don't have to squint too hard to see Steph doing the same in this series. Would not be shocking at all for the Cs to absolutely blow a few games in this series. I'll be watching.

    1. I watched the fourth quarter. There was a time GS was up by 3 and I looked down at my ipad for what I thought was a few seconds and when I looked up Celtics were up by 6. I even questioned whether I had the score wrong until I saw that Boston had at that time gone on a 11 point run.

  3. 30-year old Chi Chi Gonzalez, who has pitched in 61 major league games over 5 seasons with Texas and Colorado, will be toeing the rubber in Toronto for the Twins tonight. We apparently signed him back in March. How did I possibly miss that blockbuster deal?

        1. Basically, we hope he can get through four innings or so and keep them in the game.

            1. They will leave Toronto no worse than first place so I guess this is as good as time as any to throw spitballs into the wind and see what happens

      1. Jasper better watch out, that tee's going to give him something high and tight his next time up. Can't be breaking those unwritten rules!

  4. Apparently my cousin was interviewed by Ailsa Chang on All Things Considered today.

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