2022 Game Log 75: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Spiders

Not sure who thought Minnesota and Cleveland would be duking it out for first place of the division, but here we are. Don't have too much time to go into the importance of these games, but I don't think I have to either.

Sonny Gray* takes the mound against the youngster McKenzie. Hopefully the Twins left their assbats at home. Here's to a good series!

(*Whenever I hear the name Sonny Gray, I sign it to the tune of "Nite And Grey".)

Oh, MLB's free game today for those not in the blackout.

22 thoughts on “2022 Game Log 75: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Spiders”

  1. As we have seen all year against Cleveland, you can never have enough runs on your side of the ledger

  2. If you think about it, if the Twins score 9 runs every game it probably doesn’t matter who the pitching coach is.

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