So I'm at the club swimming yesterday, and there's this lady in the lane next to me, swimming with a snorkle.

When we both finished a lap at the same time I asked her why the snorkle.  She said it was because of arthritis, so moving her head to breathe out of one side of her head would give her a lot of pain.  I asked if she was on any medications.  She said no.

I've been swimming now for 4 weeks since the hospitalization, and its going good - breathing is strong, good SWOLF (see Garmin) and it's really a relaxing exercise.

I showed her my belly scar (jagged rip from sternum to belly button) - warning, people with scars always want to show them off - and she gasped (they always do).  She asked my age, and then told me she was 75.  She was swimming a mile!  What an inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Inspiring”

  1. I mentioned earlier that I scheduled my first of two ankle surgeries (one for each) for the beginning of August. I told the doc, if I could end up running 5-10k every now and then again, that would be great.

    Also, I've made too much fun in my mind of those little scooters people tool around on after foot/leg injuries. I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to get one.

    1. I missed the ankle surgery mention, but I wish you the best and hope recovery is as swift as can be prescribed.

      1. Thank you, sir. It's still on the "you need to do this or else it will get much worse" side of things, so hopefully not too abrasive.

          1. Dido. My recovery (tendon repair/cleanup) was a bitch. Do the rehab.

            Also, I may have misunderstood how long I had to maintain the "no weight". Walked (in the boot) for a few minutes one day, several weeks too soon. That was bad.

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