25 thoughts on “July 14, 2022: Get `Em Up Against The Wall”

  1. Dang, that seems bad (and dumb).

    1. “I understand what Canada has in place right now. That’s the only reason that I would think about getting it at this point is to go to Canada,” [Whit] Merrifield said. “That might change down the road. Something happens, and I happen to get on a team that has a chance to go play in Canada in the postseason, maybe that changes.”

      Real team player, that guy.

        1. At some point these big strong men are going to have to admit they're just afraid of needles.

  2. I’m really surprised “None” is leading Johan in this poll.

    Nathan’s number will be retired as of Saturday…just not in recognition of his status in franchise history. I’m fine with the Twins not retiring reliever numbers, but Nathan would be the appropriate first one to recognize.

    I assume Kaat will now get a statue outside the ballpark? I think the only people with a retired number who don’t have one so far are Bert & Mauer. Thinking of non-player legends meriting commemoration, I’d love to see statues of Herb & Bob Casey.

    1. You & I must suffer from the same affliction as the Twins organization … and Twins Territory writ large - BRAD RADKE’s the name.

        1. I mean that it seems he’s frequently overlooked. I mean, he didn’t even come up in the conversation that prompted this poll, but he’s a Top 10 career leader as a Twins pitcher in lots of categories.

    2. I am mostly against retiring numbers except maaaaayyybbeee in the case of HOF inductees.

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