12 thoughts on “August 8, 2022: Overturned”

  1. Hey I have one extra ticket to Wednesday's MLS All-Star game at Allianz. It's in the supporters section. I'll eat the fees and and just ask the face value of $50. Let me know if interested. You can hang with me or do your own thing.

  2. Meanwhile, Merrifield ( a guy who has very quickly become one of my least favorite players of all time) admitted that he's actually the one who broke the rule:

    “I looked up and tried to figure out how to get into home plate, and [I] saw Gary straddling home plate, so I tried to just slide into him, straight into him, best I could,” Merrifield said. “I know what the rule is. It was just a matter of if they were going to call it.”

    So that's nice.

      1. And now that a player has come out and said that this was his intent, and MLB rewarded him for it in clear violation of its own rules, this could result in runners following Merrifield’s lead and sliding into catchers hoping to either get 7.13 called in their favor on the field, or have the call overturned by the replay official.

        In other words, by not enforcing the rule correctly and upholding the call on the field, MLB has created a situation which will result in more dangerous contact plays at the plate, which it instituted the rule to prevent.

    1. Just saw McCullough live at the Bushnell a couple of years ago. Brilliant man. I loved his Path Through the Seas, having lived for 3 years in my youth in the Panama Canal.

      Heck of a quote: The days are never long enough, and I’ve kept the most interesting company imaginable with people long gone.

      1. His Truman was a tour de force. Hey Stick, I'm not sure where you are in presidential biographies but I gotta think that's the one you pick for HST.

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