15 thoughts on “August 18, 2022: Jasper”

  1. We have good friends from Germany here, so we took them to the Arch and then walked around the Old Courthouse and Ballpark Village. Since the Cards had a day game against the Rockies, we decided to grab outside seats at the restaurant across the street from centerfield. We weren't there long before the crowd went nuts -- Albert had hit his 690th HR (a grand slam). Nootbaar also hit one later, so we got to enjoy the fireworks treatment twice.

  2. A good day for this guy and his joint. Last August, one of my two salaried front of house managers quit. I posted the position immediately and today, 12 months later, I finally filled the position. The past year, I have patched together a manager schedule with a handful of hourly supervisors who, though awesome, were basically shift runners. As a result, I have been doing double duty. If this person works out, my personal life will truly benefit. With a complete management team, I will be able to work more on leadership development for my team. This is something I am pretty good at, and have not been able to focus on. I will also be able to go down to 3 or 4 shifts per week in which I am running the floor or the kitchen. I can also play more in the culinary world, helping my chefs with specials and new menu items.

    Also, we are looking into pulling the trigger on designing, then building, an outdoor kitchen for the joint along with another 20-30 seats on the always full patio. If we pull this off, it will be a game changer. We currently turn away about $10,000 per week in sales to protect our kitchen from being overwhelmed. We shut off take out at night, turn down large groups and catering gigs, and slow down seating do to our current kitchen capacity. I am leaning towards, a commercial smoker, a gas/wood combi grill and designing a kick @ss summer menu to further blow peoples socks off. Other key words floating in my mind right now: golf, vacation, brisket, book.

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