31 thoughts on “Wild Card Games : Day 1”

  1. I'm trying to listen to the game with my mlb audio subscription, but the feed keeps dropping out. I have to keep switching between the Indians broadcast and the Rays broadcast to be able to hear it.

  2. Michael Kay and Timberwolves owner Alex Rodriguez in the announce booth for PHI-STL. Good thing I have that tv on mute.

      1. Partly it’s a matter of having a guy used to being on a postgame panel or a 3-man booth switched to a 2-man booth. There is no room for the game to breathe in a 3-man booth and it just trains everyone to get a word in whenever they possibly can. I really miss one-man broadcasts in a lot of sports. The Sounders did it for 2-3 seasons 2010-2013 or so and it was fucking glorious.

        But still, what I heard of Rodriguez was pretty bad.

    1. I totally get that for a regular season game, but a 3-game playoff series? I’m only leaving if there is something urgent, not because my team blew a 9th-inning lead.

      1. I wonder how many went because they're corporation gave them tickets and they barely care about baseball vs die hard Cards fan

        1. Geez, have you been to StL? Everyone freakin' cares about the Cards, and if they aren't it's because it's hockey season and it's the Blues. It's a weekly event that someone's trying to talk to me about some rookie that just came up and I have to tell them that they're talking to the wrong person because I watch major league baseball.

          1. When I think about cities that are real baseball towns, where baseball is the primary sporting interest and the fans know the game, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Boston always spring to mind.

            1. I hate to say it, but NYC is a good baseball town, too. Made it to one NYY and one NYM game this summer, especially relative to Seattle it was nice to see the crowd engaged with the game.

          2. First Cardinals game I went to, a 10 year old girl sitting next to me explained that the pitcher entering the game had just been called up from the minors.

    1. I had this talking all-star version of this game, where it announced the name of each of the players. Every time I drive by the Sierra Avenue exit that is a few miles away I am reminded of the call for Ruben Sierra:

      [in robot voice] Sierra is up. Batting average point three oh six.

      Watching that video now, I'm shocked my parents never "accidentally lost" that game, just to avoid ever hearing it again.

  3. I love Tim K as a fellow baseball nerd, but he is just too much for a color commentator. He clearly has a ton of notes for the game and it feels more like he’s trying to squeeze all those notes into the game rather than just providing game-relevant color commentary.

  4. Watching Jon Schneiderman just pound sunflower seeds is hilarious. Best part of ESPN game production so far today.

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