8 thoughts on “November 11, 2022: Happy Armistingles Day!”

  1. Thanks Can of Corn and Carter Hayes for your service on this Veterans Day. If there are other citizens who are veterans, same to you.

    1. Thanks free (and everyone.) A ‘thank you for your service’ means a lot more coming from people you love and respect & and who you trust to mean it as it’s meant to be considered.

      btw, it was fun to see your boy in person again. Grateful for his unrelenting efforts to be with the guy, getting him where he needs to be.

  2. Dido from me. At dinner last night, there was some laughter and chucking while reminiscing about my uncle who earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam (and who was very much larger than life)

  3. The Glendale Desert Dogs, to whom the Twins contributed contributed several players, are playing Peoria for the Arizona Fall League Championship tonight. The game can be seen on the AFL website.

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