35 thoughts on “November 28, 2022: Back To Basics”

    1. I say "only" two months, but that seems like only yesterday.

      Glad you've got a Monday to get back to.

    2. Thanks, fellas. I'm going from a worldwide, multi billion dollar company run by spreadsheets to a company with less than 30 employees, so a completely different vibe

      1. Run by seat of the pants? 😀

        But seriously, congrats. Tough times are coming. Glad you found something that looks good.

  1. So a couple of friends and I have built Album Whale. The three things we built it for were:

    - A handy way to keep album lists (which we were doing manually)
    - A place to keep track of To Try lists because we didn't like doing that within our streaming app collections
    - A place to discover new albums to add to our To Try lists

    The site is very new, but we've built the first two things. It's the third thing that is a chicken-or-egg problem. We want to build discovery features, but they aren't useful until there are a lot of lists on the site. Yet no one will create lists if they don't see the site being used / lists being on the site.

    It would be a tremendous help if anyone interested in what Album Whale can become could build a quick Top 10 list (Ex: Fav College Listens, Top Albums to Focus, Best of 2022, etc). Thanks in advance if you can find the time!

    1. I set one up. There were only three 2022 albums I liked on Spotify. I may be out of touch with new music.

    2. Thanks to those who signed up. Hope you can make some lists. Gonna start building out a light discovery page this week, hopefully.

  2. Back at work for me. First full day at the joint in 10 days. I only stopped in for an hour, twice, since the 18th. It was a great feeling to come back to a well oiled machine. No major issues to clean up. No staff meltdowns while I was gone. Caught up on some paperwork and mail. Spending the rest of the day working on the consulting job at the local brewery. My goal is always to create a team that makes me darn near obsolete. I have a great staff who, collectively, get my vision and my principles. I feel much closer to the dream of working here 2-3 days a week and launching my consulting business. Today has been a great day so far!

  3. With Denver splitting its series with Omaha and the Gophers splitting with Arizona State, the idle St. Cloud State Huskies move into the #3 slot in the USCHO rankings this week. They play UND at home this weekend. Quinnipiac is ranked #2 after beating Dartmouth and playing UMass to a 2-2 overtime tie. Denver remains #1 and the Gophers fell two spots to #4. Michigan, with a tie and win against Harvard, maintains its #5 ranking for another week.

  4. Twins announce that Joe Pohlad will now be running the organization. He's the one that headed up the rebrand with new uniforms and hats.

    1. That surprised me. I have no idea whether it will be good or bad, or if it will make any difference at all.

  5. Apparently today is the day of the year where I randomly get really annoyed about the college football schedule. I think the whole system just really grates at my notions of fair play and teams getting an equal shot at the championship.

    A reasonable national governing body would:

    Split the country into 8 even geographical regions.

    Start with 10 teams in the top division within a region, and 10 teams in the lower division within that region. (Maybe add a third region if you think you have 240 teams for your league.)

    Each team plays each other team in their division 1 time. 9 games. You alternate even/odd years on whether or not you host 4 or 5 division games.

    The #1 seed from each top division hosts the #2 seed from the neighboring division in the first round of a 16-team knockout playoff.

    The bottom two teams of a division play the top two teams from the division below in a promotion/relegation playoff to determine who gets to play in the higher division the next year. Atmosphere and ratings for these games would be incredible. (And schools like NDSU can't keep hiding in FCS forever as king of the one-armed men.)

    There would be no room for a panel of opinionated folks determining who gets the chance to play for the title, and the travel and costs for travel would be reduced, which would be especially important because conference affiliation these days can force non-revenue sports into stupid travel schedules that make no sense. And outside of football and basketball (maybe 1-2 other sports in different regions), you really are talking about student-athletes who are studying and trying to earn real degrees, so a reduced travel schedule, with less time-zone switching, would also be a big victory.

    Now please elect me supreme ruler of US college athletics and I promise to enact this plan.

      1. Sorry for being overly snarky—I haven’t followed that situation super closely so I don’t know what prevents them from moving up.

  6. Heading home tomorrow, weather permitting. Got to spend some quality time with my parents, take a road trip to Spamtown with my oldest friend, see several other old friends, and hang with Bootsy and with Stick, respectively. A great trip.

    I expect to be back in July, barring something unforseen. Would love to carve out time then for a mini-caucus.

  7. The Twins have openings for a Core Research Analyst and a Core Research Analytics Engineer. If you're into that whole Moneyball thing.

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