10 thoughts on “February 7, 2023: New D”

  1. I think its a good hire but also I dont know how the team can revamp the D with quality players without spilling over the salary cap

    1. It will be interesting to see if they can get anything out of last year's draft. Lots of injuries.

  2. Good luck to him. He's gonna need it. Vikes need a personnel overhaul on that side of the ball.

    1. So the presale for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show is Thursday Feb 9 at 10:00a through Ticketmaster. The presale code is burning. I'm pretty sure that's the promotor's presale. There is an artist presale on Wednesday but not sure if I will get a presale code for that.

  3. Unglued, another chapter. We listed the house and cleaned, and cleaned, and fixed, and patched, and painted, and … yeah. Broker open house had some promise! We moved out. Dr. Chop called no joy and we found an apartment in a former manufacturing building in our neighborhood. Totally out of the house for a Sunday open house. One. Single. Person. Ugh. My frustration. I’m exhausted, emotionally wrecked, and on top of this had to close an exhibition the same week we moved - I moved furniture all day at work and then moved my furniture….. moving = the worst. A week into the new place and things are good. Quiet. No drive bys. No dice game in the commons. But now the terror and anxiety of how long our house will sit on the market with interest rates being what they are. So, we’re paying double rent until ….

    1. meat - wish I had something more useful to offer or constructive to recommend. Best I can say is that we’re pulling for the best outcome for you and the good doctor from our end of Old Man River.

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