March 12, 2023: Worldwide

One thing I love about international sports tournaments is competitive competition at all hours of the day. Great Baseball at midnight? Also as we wake up at 6am? Let's do it!

22 thoughts on “March 12, 2023: Worldwide”

  1. So to get all the Best Picture nominees in under the wire we watched Tar, All Quiet on the Western Front, and Women Talking yesterday. Not something I'd recommend if you're prone to depression or anxiety, but three really good films.

    1. I watched Fablemans yesterday. Not as depressing as those others but not necessarily uplifting.

  2. I think the number of clocks in Chez Hayes requiring a manual adjustment has dwindled to five. The wall clock in the kitchen went on the fritz last year and I haven’t replaced it yet, but we gained a bathroom clock to aid the Poissonnière in regulating the length of her shower. The other two in the house are the stove (which I can’t wait to replace...when this one bites the dust) and the thermostat. I don’t anticipate changing to a smart thermostat, as this programmable one seems to do a fair job.

    Both cars (2008 Subaru, 2002 Buick) have clocks that will need to be changed. I don’t rely on them much since I’m not commuting as often. Neither are slated for immediate replacement, although the Buick needs a new front sun-frame; I don’t think it got the Trucoat. Presumably any replacement will automatically update if it’s a new model — I’d like to go full-electric, if possible.

    So it seems like the floor is firmly set at four clocks for the foreseeable future, pending a replacement of the kitchen clock or no longer needing the bathroom clock.

    1. I can't recommend a smart thermostat any stronger - we love our two Ecobees. More than once I've kicked up the heat from another state so the downstairs is warm for Runner daughter to leave the dog for a awhile.

      With the trade in, supplier discount, and EV tax credits, the new Bolt EUV is going to come in right around $20k, and looks like the upgrade to Level 2 charging (ie: a 220 outlet added to the garage) is going to be picked up by GM too. All told, one less clock to set manually.

  3. Jose Berrios out here pitching like he is in the GB-CAN game

    and he gets the hook

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