27 thoughts on “March 17, 2023: Green”

  1. There appears to be a general dearth of Smithwick's in my locality. I hit three liquor stores yesterday and no soap. I know at least two of them have carried it in years past.

  2. Both of my biological grandfathers were born on 17 March. One would have turned 99 today. He was the last non-native English speaker in my family; he learned English as his third language (German & Hungarian) when he went to kindergarten. He passed in the summer of 1989, survived by my grandmother who passed last summer. My other grandfather is 87 today. We were both stationed in/near San Diego for a time, so I mentioned I am hoping to get back out there for a conference this summer after going out last year. We wound around to talking about baseball, as we often do, and after I mentioned I went to a Padres game for the first time since 2006 on my last trip, he said “I haven’t been to a Padres game since 1957!” I had to look up the roster; Mudcat Grant won 18 games for the PCL Friars that season.

    1. A family friend was married to the former owner of those Padres, Bill Starr. He was perhaps best known as the only player ever to pinch hit for Ted Williams.

      We referred to him as "Buffalo head" because, well, ginormous noggin.

      1. Um...I'm not sure what you're referring to, but the only player to pinch-hit for Ted Williams was South Dakota native Carroll Hardy.

  3. I had ten pounds of brisket in my freezer, but I forgot to take it out to thaw to be able to corned it in time for today. It'll be ready Sunday, though, so I figure that's close enough.

    1. When St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday or Saturday, you get to celebrate it all weekend. It's a little known codicil to the Universal Holiday Manifest.

      1. And he did a ton of voice work. I had just finished Horizon: Zero Dawn a month ago in which he plays a very prominent part of the last third of the game.

    1. I dont blame them for cashing out. But the end of the era came when signed onto affiliated baseball.

  4. warning, you may wake the neighbor with your laughter when watching this clip 😆

  5. oh man, Anthony Edwards rolled his ankle hard and was in agony and had to be helped off the court. 🙁

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