March 23, 2023: Sliced And Diced

I spent roughly two minutes in (not) researching and selecting my bracket choices in the WGOM league. I was actually doing pretty good in the first round or so, but definitely seem to have crashed over the weekend. I pledge to spend twice as much time in my selections next year.

24 thoughts on “March 23, 2023: Sliced And Diced”

  1. I was really looking forward to watching some college hockey tournament games today, only to find out they're only available on ESPN PLUS and a few ESPN RSNs. This is FUBAR.

      1. I was going to say this is more of a FUB than a FUBAR, because we can AR this as the norm.

        1. BWW? You are killing me smalls! I did my time at those joints during youth athletic trips. I think its been 6+ years since I stepped foot in one.

        2. I actually was toying with the idea of driving up to Fargo today and catching it live. But then realized I have 2 new menus to wrap up for the joint and the brewery joint, plus finishing up a new features menu for my joint.

          1. I have two local choices where televised sports, food, and beer intersect. The other one is also a chain, albeit regional.

    1. of course the game I want to watch is on the one ESPN channel I dont get on my cable package and ESPN+ subscription

        1. Wait a second, the ESPN+ schedule page has the game on ESPNU and ESPN+ if thats the case then dont need to have the U

  2. I hope Manfred's move to improve bat boy and bat girl performance can shave the extra ten seconds or so from a ballgame's length that it so desperately needs.

    1. I think they should stop swapping out balls that get a little dirt or scuff mark on them, that could save at least a minute or two every game. And bigger ball sacks for umpires would help, fewer refill stops.

  3. Just finished giving platelets for the second time. I loaded up on dairy yesterday and this morning, so hoping I don't have the delayed light-headedness again.

    1. Funny, I pay a dude in a top knot good money for things that make me feel a delayed light-headedness.

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