18 thoughts on “May 21, 2023: Beetlejuice”

  1. installing a shower door is a huge pain in the ass, in case anyone was wondering.

      1. Open air shower do rule. The best part about this morning was when I got the door on but realized I didn't check which way the hinges opened, so I had to take it off and do it again.

        1. I've reached the point where, even though I'm sure I can accomplish almost any home improvement task, I'm also sure a professional could do it much better.

          1. There were definitely days during this project where my body was trying to tell me that, but I'm too stubborn. It also helps that, at 41, I'm in the best shape of my life (TM).

          2. Yeah I got there recently. I mean, a professional could always do it better. But I wanted to save money and feel manly sometimes. But after one too many times buying parts and then failing something, I realized I have money and plenty of other hobbies.

            1. The sens of accomplishment I have going for me right now does feel pretty good, but I do hear ya. During that month and a half of unemployment, I still managed to have a daily commute to Home Depot.

              1. I get that feeling from working on cars, home improvement has too many cosmetic considerations for me these days. But at my age working on cars is not the walk in the park it used to be, either.

  2. Amy Klobuchar was the surprise commencement speaker at St Thomas graduation yesterday.

    1. My sister graduated from their law school yesterday. Klobuchar was not the speaker for the law school.

      1. It looks like she was a no show for the early graduation (business school).

    2. Reminds me of when I graduated from Stout and Jim Doyle was the surprise commencement speaker.

    3. Cool stuff Algonad - glad your folks were able to have that.
      I didn’t participate in undergrad commencement (it was at campus north-northeast of Tampa … that I never set actually foot on) and I don’t really recall my commencement ceremony from SBG School of Law.

      1. I skipped my undergrad ceremony, but had to take care of something on campus at the same time. I accidentally took a path that all the professors had lined up along to applaud to the graduates that were about to exit the auditorium. They all shrugged and started applauding for me as a joke and I tried to tell them I actually had graduated.

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