2023 Game 57: Guardians vs. Twins

Cleveland comes to town to kick off a four-game weekend series tonight, so this is a chance for the Twins to gain some ground head-to-head on a divisional rival. I'm not sure what to make of this team yet since we haven't seen them hitting on all cylinders since April, but I've been duly impressed with the starting rotation. Pablo Lopez has been solid (considering what we gave up I'd like more out of him), Sonny Grey has been phenomenal, but some regression to the mean has to happen eventually, right? The young guys are getting it done, too, we've seen some great starts by Ryan and Varland. The bullpen has been decent, not outstanding but solid enough to keep games winnable in late innings, with some notable exceptions, of course. I don't know what's wrong with Jorge Lopez, for example, the last two outings of his I've seen were horrendous and he simply could not get an out. It's like he's got relief pitcher yips or something, keeps throwing the ball exactly where he doesn't want to. Anyway, tonight we get Pablo Lopez and Tanner Bibee slinging the horsehide. Let's hope the offense we found in Houston made the trip home and shows up for this series.

Play ball!

16 thoughts on “2023 Game 57: Guardians vs. Twins”

  1. Twins, et al, to get their money from Diamond Sports Group.

    • Judge Christopher Lopez, who in April ordered DSG to pay half what they owed, ruled the baseball games were an essential service and DSG was obligated to pay the contract rate.
    • DSG now must decide whether to keep the contracts, or reject them the way it has with the San Diego Padres. Lopez set no deadline for doing so.
  2. This is the seventh game I've attended. I've yet to see Duran pitch, but this is thy fifth time I've been blessed with Pagán.

  3. Don't know when Kepler's migraines got bad, but the fact he even got a hit against a major league pitch with one feels superhuman to me.

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