2023 Game 76 – BoSox at Twins

The Twins pulled off a pretty exciting extra-innings walk-off win last night, despite the combined efforts of the Red Sox and the blue shirts. The Gallo/Baldelli ejections got the crowd pretty worked up, and the  out call on MAT at first base on the sacrifice,  a bad call upheld by an even worse replay review -- well, let's just say things got fairly raucous and I had to issue a few polite reminders about profanity to nearby fans. At any rate, it was a sorely needed win, it was good to see Rocco get lathered up, and hopefully the win can spark a return to the form we saw early in the season when the pitching and hitting were on the same page in the same book most of the time.

Today the Twins wrap up a long homestand and their 4-game series with Boston with a businessman's special. Young Joe Ryan, 7-4 with a 3.30 ERA and 91 strikeouts, slings for the Minnesota nine with Justin Garza on the hill for the Sox. He's 0-1 and this appears to be his first start of the season, he's thrown 13 innings of relief in 12 games in 2023. Not sure how long he'll go, this could be a bullpen start for Boston and Garza is just the first leg.

Play ball!

22 thoughts on “2023 Game 76 – BoSox at Twins”

  1. Correa and Buxton start off with home runs and Kepler gets a single. Someone's bingo board is nearly full.

  2. Quick inning for Ryan and another run for the Twins puts a complete game as a possibility. 70 pitches through six has him at 105 to finish it all. I'm guessing it won't happen but with an extra-inning game yesterday and the next off day a week away, it would be nice for Ryan to get his first complete game.

    1. I hope Rocco sends him back out for the 9th. He earned the opportunity to finish it off.

      1. This is the first time he's finished eight innings. He only once before pitched in the eighth and got two of the outs that time. He's at 98 pitches right now and facing the top of the order for the fourth time so I'm guessing he doesn't but I kind of hope he does.

    1. I was hesitant to turn it on because I figured I'd be bad luck, but I'm glad I did for the ninth.

  3. I'm just now learning that someone updated a Twins video after every win much like the "Werewolves in London" video. My favorite is the Willie Banks/Denny Neagle dance.

    1. Do you mean something gets added after each game? All the same this is my sort of video.

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