18 thoughts on “September 16, 2023: Shanah Tovah”

  1. Bought my dad tickets for next Sunday against the halos. Will be in section 11, the closest I've ever been to home plate.

    Hopefully Ohtani will play and hey, it might be the day we clinch.

        1. I was at New Comiskey in those seats once. There were a few old d-bags running their mouth the whole game. At one point Doumit turned around in the circle and said something to them to the effect of “are you Bertin children or something?”.

            1. I was producing the news one night and my reporter was doing a live shot when a massive bolt of lightning hit somewhere behind her. We heard her scream in surprise when it hit, but it was so bright that it overloaded the CCD in the camera and whited out the picture for a few seconds. I had the anchors go on to the next story and shut down the live shot so they could lower the microwave mast in the truck and get back to the station. Scared the hell out of everyone.

    1. You're in luck because FanGraphs covered that.

      The Twins, at four games above .500, are managing to lead the league while staying right around the middle in terms of overall performance. Their batters are on pace to strike out 1,669 times; the current record is 1,596, held by the 2021 Cubs. Their pitchers are on pace to strike out 1,542 batters; the current record is 1,687, held by the 2018 Astros. Together, Minnesota’s 3,211-strikeout pace is 97 more than the 2019 Rays, who notched 1,621 on offense and 1,493 on defense, for a total of 3,114.

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