9 thoughts on “September 18, 2023: Indian Summer”

  1. I'm now in addition to other season goals officially adding to the list Sonny Gray passing NYY Cole for the AL ERA Title. Add that to Braves not passing Twins' HR record, NYY having losing record, Pablo overtaking the AL K Title, etc.

      1. This goes without saying Luis wrapping up another batting title. What other goals do WGOM Citizens have out there? This includes playoff victories -- we'll be in Italy for the second round, and I want to be annoyed with trying to keep up with the Twins' playoff games.

    1. While I would like the Twins to truly be in the top 6 in terms of records, my biggest goal for them this time around would be to win a playoff game. (More than one actually, but let's cross bridges when we get there)
      So as long as they don't implode, and get guys in a position to play well against which ever team we may face, that's my primary concern.

      1. Elimination number of 5 and no doubleheaders means earliest they can clinch is Thursday. I think Friday and Saturday look really good for chance.

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