2023 Game Log 157 – A’s at Twins

Twins clinched the Central Division and with a 1 percent chance to get the second seed so right now these last 6 games are to get healthy, stay healthy, do a little tinkering with the line-up, throw some starters like Paddock and Maeta into bullpen situations and see how they respond, etc. Basically get this team ready for the playoffs.

Bailey Ober back up for the Twins and while I don't think he makes the playoff roster for Wild Card series, he's had a decent season for the Twins and I'm guessing we'll probably see him pitch the last game of the season before he's shut down. I look forward to see his progression next year. Paul Blackburn for the A's. Not sure if he's related to Nick Blackburn or Senator Marsha Blackburn but a cursory look says no.

Game time 6:40. May be a little wet but looks like rain will hold off.

17 thoughts on “2023 Game Log 157 – A’s at Twins”

      1. I was working 305 and watched the ball's trajectory from bat to bleachers. I think 463 is short changing that monster.

        1. When hit that high, the ball's trajectory is nearly vertical at the end. I would have to check but I believe the calculated distance is how far it would travel unimpeded so it would have hit the bleachers around the 430' mark.

  1. Brent Rooker sighting! 130 wRC+ for the first half but still a 119 wRC+ for the second half, in Oakland. He should be able to turn this year into a couple more years of service I think.

      1. The teams have many shenanigans available to them to roster a player. If the player was in the organization by September 1, he can make it.

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