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2023 Game Log 157 – A’s at Twins

Twins clinched the Central Division and with a 1 percent chance to get the second seed so right now these last 6 games are to get healthy, stay healthy, do a little tinkering with the line-up, throw some starters like Paddock and Maeta into bullpen situations and see how they respond, etc. Basically get this team ready for the playoffs.

Bailey Ober back up for the Twins and while I don't think he makes the playoff roster for Wild Card series, he's had a decent season for the Twins and I'm guessing we'll probably see him pitch the last game of the season before he's shut down. I look forward to see his progression next year. Paul Blackburn for the A's. Not sure if he's related to Nick Blackburn or Senator Marsha Blackburn but a cursory look says no.

Game time 6:40. May be a little wet but looks like rain will hold off.

Game 93: twins @ athletics

It's mowing day!

There's nothing like having the game on while mowing for a few hours. The lady of the house is planting the new rose bush, and the kids are golfing around the yard (or, in the case of the one year old, poking the club at the ball and giggling if he happens to make contact). The only thing today needs is some baseball on the radio.....and a good result to that baseball.

Enter Pablo Lopez.

As good as the rotation has been through the first half (and they've arguably been the best in the game), I'd give Lopez the slight edge as the best of them all. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he pitches back to back shutouts. No one has done that since 1884, so that would be fun.

Either way, I'll be listening, first on the mower, then on the deck looking out over my yard, basking in a beautiful day and a Twins win.

2022 Game Log 37 – Twins at Oakland

Twins continue to beat up on the bad and ok teams, which is what a team needs to do in order be eligible for the playoffs. Hopefully the trend continues as the Twins head to game two against the 15-23 Oakland A's.

Dylan Bundy on the mound and he's fallen back to earth after winning his first three starts of the season (albeit with lots of run support). Last start was atrocious with Bundy giving up 9 earned runs in 3.2 innings to the Orioles. Yuck! James Kaprielian up for the A's and although he was on the losing side of a 1-0 game against the Twins ten days ago, he has not pitched well at The Coliseum.

Twins will have to do it without Byron Buxton again as we has another designated rest day.

First Pitch at 8:40p local time.

Twins Lineup
1B - Arraez
2B - Polance
DH - Sanches
RF - Kepler
LF - Gordon
CF - Celestino
SS - Lewis
3B - Miranda
C - Jeffers

Game 38: A’s @ Twins

MIGUEL SANO got a hit!

MIGUEL SANO got a hit late in the game!

MIGUEL SANO got a hit late in the game with a runner in scoring position!

MIGUEL SANO got a hit late in the game with a runner in scoring position and it completed the Twins comeback from 3 runs down to take the lead!

MIGUEL SANO got a hit late int he game with a runner in scoring position and it completed the Twins comeback from 3 runs down to take the lead and then he went out and pitched a scoreless inning of relief in a high-leverage spot!

Man, what they say is true. Anything really is possible.

Game 101: Twins at Oakland

I suppose I could "Sell hope" and say that the Twins still have a shot of getting back into thing because the next week or so,  they play the dregs of the AL and NL. But I'm not doing that. This team does not have the bullpen arms to make it.

But I also hope they don't trade off the good players for pennies. If Ervin Santana is pitching for us in September thats fine by me.  If he gets flipped for Mike Trout, thats cool too.

Jaime Garcia gets his first (only?) start for the Twins. We'll see how his stuf plays in the American League. The A's are tossing out a rookie named Daniel Gossett. (insert seligshrug.gif here)

Game 90 recap: Twins 5 A’s 0

Brian Dozier led off the game with a home run and Trevor Plouffe added a grand slam as the Twins kicked off thier post All Star break schedule with a win over Oakland 5-0.


Its getting to the point where I am expecting Dozier to hit one out every at bat. How high can his HR total fly? Will he hit more that Justin Morneau's 34 or Josh Willingham's 35? Its possible!


Ervin Santana pitched pretty well going 7.2 allowing 5 hits and a walk. Brian Duensing pitched in the 8thas Santana seemed to run out of gas, then finished out the 9th with a clean appearance.


Going back to Plouffe's grand slam, the key to that at bat was the one taken by Miguel Sano. He battled and fought his way to get a walk. Just my observation, in the brief time Sano has been with the Twins, he doesnt look lost at the plate like Buxton did and has drawn a couple tough walks. I think he is a keeper.

The Twins are now 50 -40 on the year. Its just fantastic and the trudgery the last few years have been following this team. I hope win 60 comes in just 10 more games.