2023 Wild Card Game 1 AND Blue Jays at Twins

Opening day of the 2023 MLB playoffs and your Minnesota Twins in the thick of the festivities.

This thread will be for all four games, including the Twins v. Blue Jays.

Lopez v. Gausman and while Gausman has put up gaudy numbers this year, the Twins have had his number. Hopefully no regression to the mean. Pablo Lopez seems to be dialed in and I like his bulldog approach. Also the Twins look to have a bunch of relievers who can hit the upper 90's on their fastball. It seems that in the past few years, that's been a big component of teams that have gone far in the playoffs.

I'm writing this in the morning before the roster has been named. I may come back with comments. I may not!

Other games today:

Texas at Tampa - 2:00
Toronto at MN - 3:30
Arizona at Milwaukee - 6:00
Miami at Philadelphia - 7:00

Let's go!

176 thoughts on “2023 Wild Card Game 1 AND Blue Jays at Twins”

    1. I'm feeling a lot of bad juju from A-Rod & Michael Kay in the ESPN booth yakking about The Streak.

      But that doesn't matter because the Minnesota Twins are going to win this game.

    1. The bottom of the first inning of game one in the 2002 ALDS was beyond atrocious

  1. Let me suggest that calling a promising major leaguer & former Top 100 prospect the “JV version” of another major leaguer is a backhanded compliment you shouldn’t repeat on air.

  2. A-Rod actually bringing up a pretty good point that the Twins aren't even flinching at Gausmann's splitters. Wonder if they're seeing something.

    1. They beat him twice this year in the same fashion too, I think. They seem to know something.

    1. I grew up with this movie taped off of TV. They dubbed a fully clean version of that line. My favorite sub was "strike this guuuuuuy out!".

            1. Mine is going to be a little tight in the middle, still will wear it proudly.

                1. we talking the old WGOM shirts? if so, i've managed to fight off jane's attempts to toss my [redacted] shirt, but it's not in good shape.

                  1. I don’t think so. I was working at a screen print shop and got access to produce my own stuff. I made a run of chairman mauer shirts - did two runs and made 10s of dollars.

            2. Sheenie busted out her "Justin Morneau is my boyfriend" shirt from the archives

  3. I don’t know if it’s that something is different about this team or if it’s my general detachment from caring about the outcome of baseball games, but something is different.

  4. I had to miss most of the game due to a seventh grade girls volleyball game, so I'm bummed to miss the Royce Lewis experience. I was fortunate enough to sit down just as ARod was extolling the virtues of Kirby's character, though.

    That said, in seeing some fine pitching since I got home.

    1. cheaps - I had a seventh grade girls volleyball game too … and then swim team for both kids! Followed the action on Gameday while trying to pretend that I wasn’t (Kernel wants to watch the DVR’d game when we get home).

      1. The difference in quality between the A team and the B team (trinket is on B) is stark.

    2. I also missed the game because of volleyball. I livestream the Potter County games. I was following it on my phone, though.

  5. I was 20 last time the Twins won a playoff game. I turn 40 next month. LETS GOOOOOooooOoooOOoooo!

    1. I was still in my first job post college and had yet to actually start my engineering career. Wild.

    2. I was living in Wessington Springs and was nearly two years away from starting seminary.

    3. I had just met my college GF. Y'all remember her. I was yet to go actually go on a date with her, that came in like January or February a few months later.

  6. I feel like there needs to be a Royce Lewis 10000 rakes commemorative t shirt to mark this event

  7. I don't really know what to do with myself! I didn't follow the Twins closely until 2005, so this is the first time I actually watched them win a playoff game I was actually invested in.

    Let's do this again tomorrow, boys.

  8. I'm going to be in Madison for a conference tomorrow. Any recommendations on a place to watch the Twins of I'm able to sneak out?

        1. Oof, I was hoping you would have said anywhere else in the city, because your best bet might be Dave and Busters. If you have a car, the Hilldale Great Dane isn't far and will has both a lot of space and plenty of tvs, with solid beer and food.

  9. Lol, I asked my Brewers fan friends why the hell they signed Donaldson and the response was "he fits our low BA offense"

  10. The Royce home runs are going to be rightly remembered for years, but that defensive play by Correa is the single most important of the last decade of Twins baseball.

      1. Entirely. My children were commenting on how they were both back, because we need them. Kids picking up on it = storybook.

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