23 thoughts on “November 13, 2023: Tame”

  1. Yesterday, Estrellas defeated the Toros 2-0. Miguel Sano was 0-for-3. The big hit was a double by pinch-hitter Endy Rodriguez. The win went to Tyler Zuber (2-1). who pitched a perfect inning. Neftali Feliz got the save, his sixth, striking out one in a perfect inning.

    There was no report on the Caribes game against the Bravos at this writing.

  2. from the tweets machine

    Chris Hine @ChristopherHine
    Anthony Edwards on what Mike Conley said to him late in the game:

    "Mike just tells me, ‘No more 3s, man. Get inside the three-point line. It ain’t falling.’ He pretty much just told me to get to the line. ... My middy started to fall late. That helped me a lot."

    Mike Conley for DLo might be the biggest heist in the 30+ years of this franchise

      1. He did fade quite a bit. After a smoking 369/461/723 in July, he was 237/352/303 in August and 210/396/432 in Sept/Oct . The OBA was still really good, but the BA not so sexy.

        And the platoon split...yugly. 196/229/217 against lefties (SSS, but still).

        1. That's a 223, 92, and 138 wRC+ respectively. His BABIPs over those three months: .450, .347, .300. His walk rate soared in September (23.6%!) but so did his strikeout rate (34.0%). April-June had about the same strikeout rate but a much lower walk rate (about 13%). Dealing with SSS for everything but his monthly splits are interesting to see his approach and luck change through the year. I'm guessing the Twins convinced him to trade strikeouts for power and use his elite batting eye to take everything not in the zone.

          1. Maybe it was the Twins changing his approach, but it would also be reasonable for opposing teams to pitch him more carefully after what he showed in July. More pitches outside the zone leading to more walks but fewer hits.

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