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    1. I went like 15 years without wearing a watch, but then a friend of mine was talking up his Garmin Fenix 5 and I found the 5X for a good price on Ebay a year or so ago and been a watch guy ever since. But then, its not really a smartwatch, its a sportwatch that I got because it generates a load of data from my bike rides.

      1. In addition to exercise data, I use my watch for sleep tracking and monitoring other health metrics. I was a smartwatch skeptic, but I do appreciate having a device that can notice changes in trends and suggest I consult with my physician if something seems abnormal.

        I’ve also used my watch as a navigation aid while hiking. I find the battery limits its utility for this use.

        1. If you're ever in the market for a new one, the Garmin's are fantastic from a battery standpoint. The guy who recommended it to me got his specifically for tracking hikes.

          1. My Garmin is my medium for data to go from pool/road/trail activities to my spreadsheets - I feel unhinged without it or when it is out of power, not working, etc.

            Most useful is finding compass direction when hiking, seeing the pattern to know where you went off of the trail, SWOLF with lap swimming, see the altitudes of your climbs/hills, and ability to do GPS'y stuff (find my car, set waypoints, etc.). Also fun to switch to other languages (German, Swedish) to reinforce those.
            In the beginning I was switching watch faces, but now simple is better.

            My older one (Fenixn 3) had an issue with the Select button not working consistently - I think it might be from chlorine-buildup from the pool, but soaking in warm water didn't help - so now using one of NBBW's leftover watches (Fenix 6s) as I am too cheap Swedish to buy a new one or have the old one fixed.

  1. MN state flag finalists. These won't necessarily be the exact designs but something like these will be it.

    Another tweet said the commission prefers an animal on the seal so expect a loon there.

        1. What are the odds the legislature torpedoes the change? I thought pretty fair. Some people won’t like the changing in principle, and some will just not like the selection.

          1. I suppose the Legislature can do anything it wants if it has enough votes but the MN Legislature also started this process by passing a law (statute?) establishing the process to change the flag design and a timeline to do so. While there are some people who don't like change, I think for the most part Minnesotans agreed that the current flag needed to be changed. But in this day of age when everyone can voice their opinion on some sort of social media, I doubt very much that we will all agree on a flag decision. I for one, liked a couple of the finalists.

            1. I for one, liked a couple of the finalists.

              I'm with you. There's 2 I really like, a few others I could get behind, a bunch I could be apathetic about, and probably all that I like better than the current thing.

              1. and probably all that I like better than the current thing

                Yep, that's the main point for me. The new flag is certain to look nice next to many other states' flags.

          1. One of the reasons that the committee rejected any design with a loon and pine trees is that doesn't reflect the entire state. Not a lot of loons or pine trees in SW Minnesota. They felt that the North Star represented the entire state, regardless of geography.

      1. I’m confused by the green flecks on the tots that were arranged by a serial killer. Mostly concerned with the green flecks. Is this a 5 star restaurant? Did someone grind fresh black pepper on these tots after dousing these with chives?!?!? Do I detect Parmesan, chef?

        Man, I can’t support this flag. 1/10.

  2. As someone who grew up in the only county in Minnesota without a natural lake, I am prepared to fully endorse a flag design with a loon and a North Star.

    HJ, your 5-minute masterpiece is, well, masterful.

    1. I’ve seen a handful of boards, and I’m not sure exactly which ones are the finalists, but I saw a star-on-swallowtail with sky blue, green and white stripes that I would be more than willing to wear on a shirt as a state flag.

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