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One of my friends recently completed running all of the streets of West Hartford - took her from Jan-Nov last year.  She used a map+spreadsheet to track her work and plotted it out on a map of the city.  Cool project.

Yesterday, during my run, I decided to run all of the streets of H’istan.  So I found a good street map of the city, went to FedEx, and had them print it out poster size:

This morning, I began my challenge in SoWendHa (South West-End Hartford), and did 3.2 miles covering 5 complete streets and parts of 8 others.  This neighborhood is predominantly Puerto Rican, Portuguese, and Brazilian.  My finds included some historical curiosities, awesome road bling, and a Portuguese bakery with almond-crusted croissants.

In thinking about the overall task, I’m looking for completeness (every street, entire street) as well as efficiency (not covering the same stretch more than necessary), but I need to take into account that I can only do 3-5 miles each time out.

If the city streets were perfect squares, and tiled the plane perfectly, I could take inspiration from something like the Dragon Curve (which doesn’t cross it’s own path).  Four of these, each rotated 90 degrees, completely tiles the plane.

But a city is not a perfect plane - has dead ends, boulevards, greens, cul-de-sacs, islands, curves, roundabouts, etc.  And I need to return to my car after each segment.

When I go to a museum, in order to see each piece of art, I follow a simple pattern of go to the left, until a room is completed, then take the next left turn, etc.  This gives me completeness, but would not take into account segment lengths.

Any thot’s on how to approach this?

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  1. Discovered City Strides and easily uploaded my recent Garmin stuff from RN HTFD (NBBW and I have gotten into dropping VWLZ). Just started exploring it's capabilities.

    Shows a nice map of where I've been (and what's remaining). A good visual you don't get from Excel and the MDC map. Now I need to know if I can hack it for those times I forgot to turn my Garmin on (or off).

    I've gotten into a nice groove of early morning runs (really early, no cars out, just garbage trucks and empty city buses, and the bad guys are still sleeping), with a scrawled street map of my run-plan.

    I've concluded several runs with a stop at the local neighborhood bakeries for some awesome ethnic pastries (Portuguese, P.R./D.R., Jamaican, Argentinian, Cuban, European), guilt-free as I just ran 3-4 miles.

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