April 17, 2024: Mock Duck

I really don't understand the point or interest in mock drafts. "This thing with a thousand variables maybe possibly might could happen this way....... or maybe this way!?"

11 thoughts on “April 17, 2024: Mock Duck”

  1. This is exactly why political reporting drives me up the wall. So much speculation about what might happen. Can we just wait until the thing happens and then talk about it?

  2. Just about to lock up the joint for the night and tomorrow morning we drive to MPLS to hop a plane to Munich. I received notice that my Naz Reid towel is sitting in my mailbox at home. Should be some fun DPWY style photo ops to post on the socials. I am looking forward to the trip, but not the 8.5 hour flight from Chicago to Munich. I am battling some demons right now as my nerve pain went away during my Playa del Carmen trip last month, but returned the past few weeks and seems to be intensifying in my arm pit and my back. I threw a little pity party the other night for myself, but am trying to put things in perspective. It could be much worse. So, chin up buckaroo! You are going to Munich, Luxembourg and Frankfurt with fun stops in between. Who cares if you can barely swim and you will be flying for hours over a vast ocean. It will be ok. See you all in a few weeks!

    1. When you're young, the pains from your illnesses and injuries tend to go away with healing. After you turn 40 or 50, though, they stick to you like barnacles.

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