May 13, 2024: To The Kennel

Well, if you're looking for any silver linings, almost the entire Wolves team played like ass last night but it somehow stayed surprisingly close through the end of the game.

31 thoughts on “May 13, 2024: To The Kennel”

    1. Speaking of the Twins, I was checking stats for fun this morning and I noticed that Ryan Jeffers has been hit eight times already this year which is half as much as his entire career before this year.

      1. Discussion about Craig Biggio in our house the other day (because Cavan Biggio), and we calculated that he was HBP almost every other week for his entire career. Ouch.

  1. We have flight credits that are expiring soon, so we're going on a vacation just my wife and I from June 20-23. We've narrowed it down to Denver or DC. Anyone have a strong case for one over the other?

    1. I've never been to Denver, but have heard good things. That said, having lived in D.C., I think it's one of the best possible places for a trip. So many great museums and sights, super easy to navigate, and a truly unique cultural and historical identity.

    2. Been to DC three times and there is still more stuff I want to see. If you fly to Denver, I would consider renting a car and heading to Colorado Springs area, or drive up into the mountains.

      1. If the Rockies are in town a game at Coors Field is fun. The Denver Botanical Gardens are quite nice. But yeah, it's best to get out of town and Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods are not far away. The Royal Gorge is also a pretty cool day trip, it's about a two hour drive from Denver. We also like the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but it's quite a leg workout being on the side of a mountain and all.

        1. Came here to say that Denver is nice and there are things to do there when you’re dead, but the best part is being in the mountains.

          DC has all the museums and you’ll be beating the summer rush.

          Denver has legal … never mind Minnesota allows you to get stoned without visiting a street pharmacist.

    3. DC, denver is cool too but DC has so much going on and I'd say a better food scene where Denver might have a better beer scene but DC has a bunch of them too. Plus as you know wine country is right there too if you have a car.

  2. The documentary filming during the Wauwatosa Men's Invitational spiel I did back in March was finally released. Some good, sleeveless of me starting around the 7:40 mark.

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