21 thoughts on “March 14, 2024: Stress Inducing”

    1. I'll almost certainly tune in. If they're winning, I'll keep watching. If they're losing, I'll turn it off and just keep an eye on the score from my phone.

      Being a fair-weather fan helps take the stress off!

  1. Kid1 saw Caitlin Clark on TV last night, and was excited and was talking about how much she loves Iowa. She was bummed out very temporarily when I explained she doesn't play for Iowa anymore, but perked right up when I told her that Caitlin's new team is in Indiana near Mamaw.

    So Kid1 is the newest Fever superfan out there, and I can't wait to tell her after school that the Fever are on TV tonight.

  2. Does anyone know of a reasonable source for a used MacBook?

    I have an old MacBook that contains all our videos as iMovie. The old MacBook doesn't connect to the Internet anymore. I need to move the iMovie files to a new Mac and then convert to another format.

    Any ideas?

    1. How old is the old MacBook? My first try would be a USB drive to transfer the files. If the old MacBook is only somewhat old, then the USB drive shouldn't require any formatting to work.

      For converting videos, I generally lean on HandBrake. The number of options borders on insane but the built-in presets should be enough.

        1. Yes, especially if you formatted it on the Mac. At that age, it won't have exFAT so you're limited to FAT32. If the Mac can't explicitly format using that, you will be able to on Windows. You won't be able to copy over any file over 4 GB from the Mac so hopefully your videos aren't that large. There are ways to get around that but I don't offhand know how to re-assemble them on Windows.

          Macs that old probably had an Ethernet port on them so you can also connect directly or over the LAN that way. That would get around the file size limitations and formatting issues, but you would need to figure out how to transfer over the network instead.

      1. I also have everything backed up on Carbonite. If I had a new Mac, could restore. Trying to avoid the cost of new Mac but will bite the bullet if needed.

  3. Mary Lucia, back in radio

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