11 thoughts on “May 24, 2024: WTF? WCF.”

  1. So yesterday I was waiting downtown for a bus on Hennepin Avenue, and I notice this really, really tall dude coming down the sidewalk. He has shorter guys on either side of him, and they're chatting while strolling along. As they get closer, I notice the tall one is wearing a gray t-shirt that says Mavericks on it. He had brown-blond hair and a beard. So is it possible I saw Luka Dončić?

        1. This was my thought...

          Which reminds me... my dad (UPS) recently delivered a package to Naz Reid. The photo is hilarious - a selfie of my dad almost coming up to Reid's shoulder. Nothing else of Reid in the photo, he's so large (and my dad relatively short).

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