19 thoughts on “May 28, 2024: He Gone”

  1. Anyone else in the final 2 weeks of the school year losing your mind keeping track of all the extra activities stage? I just rescheduled the peperoncino's orthodontist appointment because I found out there's a special 5th grade capstone presentation that conflicted. The next suggested appointment time was during their all-day field trip. I'm trying to put everything on our paper calendar so that it's all in one place and I don't make any major errors. 😱

    1. It hasn't been too bad here other than things constantly happening on weekends. I finally had a mostly free weekend to get the garden planted. The bigger challenge for us has been motivating the Trinket to get her damn assignments and missed quizzes taken care of before the year is over.

      1. That has been a constant issue for our 4th grader this year as well. He figured out early in the semester that his particular teacher wouldn't make him do anything in class, so he just didn't do anything but sit in class and read. Which of course then leads to him needing to catch up on everything eventually, once the teacher let us know what was missing. Not a great fit for him, this year, and we're hoping for a better teacher-student match next year.

    2. My youngest brother is coach of the HS golf teams, and one of the boys on the team is his nephew. His nephew is also on the track team and is ranked in state in the triple jump, and also part of a relay and in the long jump. The regional golf tournament is in Bemidji the next three days, and meanwhile the regional track meet that was rained out last Thursday was rescheduled today, 1-½ hrs away. He's going to try to get his golfing done and then get down to the track meet to do his triple jump qualifier. The team can sub someone else in for the relay, but if he isn't there for the long jump qualifier and DQs, he also is DQ'd in the triple jump. They've petitioned all the way up to the state on this (the thought is that today's meet is a different one once it was cancelled on Thursday, and that he can therefore be dropped from the long jump so it doesn't jeopardize the triple jump). In any case, his plan is to get his butt down to the track meet to support his team, whether he's allowed to participate one way or another, or not. Messy.

    3. My kids' schools got out for the Summer last Wednesday, so we dealt with similar issues the two weeks before that. I felt like every day there was something special going on that required equipment, money, or food. Then our 4th grader was sick on the last day of school and missed a bunch of it anyway. Luckily the office was willing to collect all his junk very important things from his desk so I could pick it up. I don't understand how that much stuff physically fit inside a desk.

    4. It’s continuous improvement parenting (and educating, and…activity-ing…) laid on top of perpetual connectedness enabling paper-thin planning. “Parents (moms!) will figure it out…”

    5. We got out of school last week... but we're currently looking at 2x baseball, softball, a play, EMT schedule, driver's ed, and possibly another play in a town an hour away... so this speaks to me.

    6. We're in the midst of this schedule:
      Monday: soccer (is no soccer, then baseball practice) and t-ball
      Tuesday: baseball and soccer
      Wednesday: soccer and t-ball
      Thursday: soccer
      Friday: nothing
      Saturday: usually a soccer tournament
      Sunday: some soccer tournaments, otherwise soccer practice

      Oh, and I'm the t-ball coach. I can't wait for Fourth of July.

    1. These things make me laugh. I've had NY pizza plenty of times. It's... fine.

      What you grow up with matters a lot. I am partial to Midwestern, Greek pizzeria pizza, greasy (in a good way) and nukular-hot, bar-cut.

        1. I have a friend who was raised in Detroit who said she had never heard of Detroit style pizza until she moved to Minneapolis. She does like it though! So do I.

          I went to Chicago and hated their pizza. I went to KC and hated their BBQ. I should probably avoid Idaho.

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