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2023 Game Log 61 – Twins at Rays

Twins head down to St. Pete to play the scorching hot Rays for a three game series. Rays by far have been the best team in MLB this year with a 43-19 record and only six losses at the horror dome known as The Trop. They are doing this with the 3rd lowest payroll, at $73.2 million, or roughly the cost of two Carlos Correas.

Louie Varland on for the Twins and he's showing signs that he can be a serviceable number 4 or 5 guy. Zach Eflin for the Rays and of course his 7-1 record is going to reflect how well the Rays are playing but his WHIP of 1.0 and nearly a strikeout an inning may play havoc with the assbats the Twins seem to be lugging from town to town these days.

First pitch at 5:40p