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2023 Game Log 61 – Twins at Rays

Twins head down to St. Pete to play the scorching hot Rays for a three game series. Rays by far have been the best team in MLB this year with a 43-19 record and only six losses at the horror dome known as The Trop. They are doing this with the 3rd lowest payroll, at $73.2 million, or roughly the cost of two Carlos Correas.

Louie Varland on for the Twins and he's showing signs that he can be a serviceable number 4 or 5 guy. Zach Eflin for the Rays and of course his 7-1 record is going to reflect how well the Rays are playing but his WHIP of 1.0 and nearly a strikeout an inning may play havoc with the assbats the Twins seem to be lugging from town to town these days.

First pitch at 5:40p

2023 Game 54: Twins at Rastros

Hungry Joe is unavailable so I'm pinch hitting today. I can't say I've been happy with the quality of ball and strike calling over the past couple of weeks, but you really can't blame the Twins' chronic ass-bats on the umps. At the games on Friday and Saturday, I counted 7 Blue Jays in the lineup hitting above .250. The Twins had just two. They had two hitters above .300, we had none. And it's not just low overall averages,  it's the complete dearth of clutch hits. Rather than cheer when we load the bases with no outs, I cringe at the prospect of underperforming run expectancy yet again. Combine the ass-bats with some sloppy defense and it gets hard to win games, even when the rotation is killing it and the bullpen is showing surprising signs of adequacy.

Speaking of that rotation, Twins ace Sonny Gray takes the mound today for the home team. He's got a 1.82 ERA (236 ERA+), a 2.02 FIP, and a 1.196 WHIP. He's given up zero home runs while notching 66 strikeouts in 54 innings pitched. No pitcher on the team has done more to help win games this year than Sonny. The Astros counter with J.P. France. He's got a 3.43 ERA in four starts with a 1.19 WHIP. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Memorial Day.

Play ball!

2022 Game Log 10: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox

Rise and shine! We've got early morning baseball. It must be especially odd for our friends on the west coast...

Old friend Dick Mountain is on the mound of the Sox. His first start against the Tigers wasn't great, so hopefully he won't start putting it together until after this game. On the flip side, let's hope Bundy keeps truckin' ahead today as well.

It's too early for assbats, damn it! Let's gooooo!

Game 42: Is It 2015 Yet?

Welcome back to Tuesday starts, Pelf!

Pelfrey (3-4, 6.57 ERA) vs. Tim Hudson (4-3, 5.12 ERA)

Boy, apathy is really starting to set in for me already. Amazing what two years of losing, a 6-game losing streak and the furious return of the assbats can do for a man's patience, which could be why I keep forgetting I have Tuesday game logs.

Anyway, as I was struggling for words for this game log, Buffalo reminded me that tonight is the NBA lottery. I always get unreasonably excited to see which terrible spot the Wolves end up. Will they fall below their expected slot? Will they move up only to be slotted one pick after they can reasonably be expected to select the guy that will actually help the team? Stay tuned.