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Game 144 Recap: Again From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries

September 14, 2012

Mood: 🙁 forlorn

Music: Adele - Someone Like You

I didn't watch the game but I heard we won. I was supposed to be at the stadium but whatever. I went to Mom and Scott's house instead. Mom made meat loaf and tater tots which are my favorite foods but I wasn't even hungry. Kaycie was being a brat all night saying that I was acting like a little p***y but I didn't care. They don't understand. My chest hurts so bad and the doctor said it's because my rib is broken but I know its because I have a broken heart.

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Game 92 Recap: More From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries

July 19, 2012

Mood: 😐 meditative

Music: Fun. - We Are Young

Well it was another day of ups and downs, just another day in the life of a big leaguer! We had a game today and I was the starter, and I think I played pretty good. Coach Gardenhire said "great job out there kiddo heck of a game" so I think he's finally coming around on me :-). I'm starting to be more confident around him but I still don't like to make him upset. I gave up only one run but it was another home run and Coach Gardenhire says I gotta be careful with those because they can really bite you. He was pretty angry after the game but it wasn't at me it was mostly at Alex. But I still remember when Alex told me the other day to go back to triple a with all the other ******* so it was funny to hear him get yelled at for once lol :twisted:.

Dad and Janelle were at the game and so were Mom and Scott. I don't know if they sat near each other but I guess Kaycie was sitting with Mom. She probably wasn't watching when I got my strikeouts, she was probably doing facebook. She is still such a brat but she's going into high school soon so maybe she will grow up finally.

Nicole was at the game too! (I told you about Nicole last week) I guess Brian invited her and she sat with his friend Trish. I don't know Trish but I know Brian and the girls he's frinds with so I hope she didn't give Nicole the wrong idea about me. Brian kept giving me a hard time in the dugout and pointing to their seats and being his randy self lol. Sometimes idk about Brian but he's the nicest to me of all the guys.

All in all it was a mixed day. I pitched pretty good but we didn't get the win, and we are still fighting for the playoffs here. A W would have been nice but at least I didn't get the L (lol take that Alex). We just need to keep battling our tails off and we'll get them next time, that's what Coach Gardenhire always says. And I wish I got to see Nicole tonight be we are already on the road to Kansas City so it will have to wait :-(! Sometimes this big league life is crazy but I wouldn't trade it for any other. Until next time guys,


Twins 3 - Orioles 4

New Guy's Special Friends of the Day: Cole DeVries

New Guy's Not-So-Special Friend of the Day: Alex Burnett

Game 44 Recap: From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries

May 25, 2012

Mood: 😕 contemplative

Music: Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know

I can't believe I pitched in the majore league last night. THE MAJOR LEAGUE. So many people told me to give up on baseball because it wasn't a realistic dream. But now I am pitching for the Minnesota Twins (HI HATERS!).

I guess it could have gone better tho. It was a tough loss. I didn't want to start my career 0-1 but there are so many great pitchers who lost their first games, like Nolan Ryan and Brad Radke. And they are in the hall of fame. So if I want to be in the hall of fame too then losoing my first game is actually a pretty good place to start lol!

All of the guys were nice to me even tho I lost. I was nervous about talking with Coach Gardenhire after the game but he said it was bad luck because of the errors. I guess he didn't see all the home runs I gave up lol. But he told me that I wasn't going to be sent down yet and so it was a good meeting overall. And some of the guys took me out to the bar afterwards to celebrate being in the bigs. It was pretty fun to hang out with P.J. and Brian as major leaguers! Brian kept talking about girls and saying how they love the Twins uniform even more than the "triple-A sk*nks " as he put it, but I didn't have much luck lol. Joe and Justin showed up for a few minutes which surprised me because those guys are stars and I didn't know what they were doing hanging out with a bum like me lol, but Justin bought me a bud light and said sorry they couldn't get me a win. I was like lmao you hit two homeruns you were doing all you could!

All in all it was a mixed day. It was good to wear the uniform and pitch in a MLB game but we can't keep taking tough losses like that because the games in May count just as much as the games in September and we are fighting to get to the playoffs. But I can't wait to take the mound again and get my first W!

Twins 8 - White Sox 11

New Guy's Special Friends of the Day: M+M

New Guy's Not-So-Special Friend of the Day: Brian Duensing

Game 38 Recap: A Hot Day in Detroit

The sun was shining, big and bright and unfamiliar. I hadn't been outside before sunset in God knows how long. I never thought I'd come to miss nighttime, when the darkness wraps around you like a cold, wet towel. But there I was, yearning for it. Never saw myself as the yearning type. Not part of the job, generally.  I'm a private eye. The name's Walters. P.J. if you buy me a drink first.

I was in Detroit at the behest of some real down-and-outs, a couple of hard-luck Minnesotans with little more than a sob-story to their name. Not that they told me their names. Just call us The Twins, they said when they came calling. Let's keep this anonymous. Somebody took our wins. Bring them back to us. I had half a mind to tell them off, but the other half saw the stack of bills they seemed to be offering. They played at being hard-up,  but it turned out they were secretly living large. I wasn't sure what the game was, but the money spoke for itself. And the misery on their faces was as plain as Norwegian cooking. Whatever else, they needed those wins back, badly.

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Game 13 Recap: The Bully

"Are you ready to do it? Let's do it!" Carl shouted into Anthony's ear.

Anthony stood up and dusted himself off. He'd been crouching in the dirt for the past twenty or so minutes, trying not to think about anything. To go zen, or whatever. Anthony didn't really understand the whole meditation thing, but he knew that he didn't want to think about what he was about to do. It wasn't easy, with Carl jabbering along the entire time with what he thought was a helpful pep talk.

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Game 6 Recap: From the Brink

The hero closed his eyes as he concentrated on his hands. The rope had gone beyond chafing, he was now gripping it so tightly that he imagined the particles in the rough fibers and in his skin mixing and merging until they were indistinguishable from each other. He could hold on forever. For the rest of his life.

He could hear his enemy coming closer, heavy boots clattering across the flagstone court. He would cut the rope, he would let the hero fall into the void below to land amongst the rest of the twisted and broken bodies. The enemy would turn around, victorious, heavy boots would clatter again across the flagstone court, and he would watch the sun set and rise again. But the enemy would not break the hero's grip.

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