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Happy Birthday–September 10

Barney Pelty (1880)
High Pockets Kelly (1895)
Sammy Hale (1896)
Ted Kluszewski (1924)
Roger Maris (1934)
Len Whitehouse (1957)
Randy Johnson (1963)
Riccardo Ingram (1966)
Danys Baez (1977)
Joey Votto (1983)
Anthony Swarzak (1985)
Neil Walker (1985)
Paul Goldschmidt (1987)

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to the Philosofer's eldest child.

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Game Recap #150: Team Not Going to the Playoffs 6, Team Probably Going to the Playoffs 8

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Game 6: Twins 4, Orioles 3

Slapadiddlesack gets a win! Multiple rednecks gets the go-ahead RBI after an 0-13 stretch. Perk'n'Play gets the Save in impressive 1-2-3 fashion: 2 strike outs and a Laddie ground out and the Twins win their second series of the season.

Favorite quote from yesterday. When interviewed following the game, his second in the majors, Twins starter Pedro Hernandez said he wasn't nervous in his 2013 debut.

 "Not really," [he] said. "This game is for men, this game is not for a child."

Twins are now 4-2, tied with the Pale Hose for the AL Central lead. They head to Kansas City to face Ervin Santana. In his first start for the Royals, Santana gave up 5 runs on 5 hits (3 HR's) and a walk. He also struck out 8.

In other news:

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Game 65: Brewers 4, Twins 5

In a 15 inning game, Swizzlesnacks gets the "W". DSpan with the walk off RBI single.

35 hits between the 2 teams, only 6 extra base hits.
Twins with 20 hits, and Span had the only extra base hit with a double.
Twins relievers pitched 9 shutout innings.
Twins pitchers walked 5 and struck out only 7.


"I was just trying to get us to dinner," Span said, smiling.

"Jeff Gray was the pitcher of the game as far as I'm concerned," said Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.

"I'm pretty stiff," he said. "It's good timing for the off day tomorrow." Joe Mauer

Willinghammer had a rough day going 0-6 with 4 K's. He reached base a single time by way of a BB. As Padre would say, "Days like that are bound to happen!"

That is all.

 all quotes courtesy of The AP