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Championship Series 10/14/12

Two more games to enjoy today. On the downside, Joe Buck enters the postseason.

Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees
Anibal Sanchez vs. Hiroki Kuroda

The Tigers are up one game, Jeter is broken and out, and Girardi has favored emotion over intelligence and is burying A-Rod. I got very close to cheering for the Yankees over the Tigers, but I'm finding that I just...can't. Amazingly, it's another early game for the Yankees.

St. Louis Cardinals at San Francisco Giants
Lance Lynn vs. Madison Bumgarner

The last two champions meet in the next CS for the first time in six decades, I read. Lance Lynn had 18 Wins this season and I'm fairly sure I've never heard of him. I'm not in love with either of these teams, but I like both of them enough to cheer them over the other clowns.