Minor Details: Games of 4/19

Rochester 3, Buffalo 1 in Buffalo (Game 1—scheduled 7 innings).  Rene Tosoni hit a two-run double to give the Red Wings all the runs they needed.  Anthony Swarzak threw a complete game, allowing one run on four hits and a walk.  Tosoni also singled.  Brandon Roberts had two hits.

Rochester 2, Buffalo 0 in Buffalo (Game 2—scheduled 7 innings).  The Red Wings again scored two in the first, this time on a Trevor Plouffe home run.  The call-up of Eric Hacker made this a bullpen game.  Yorman Bazardo pitched the first three, allowing two hits and a walk.  Jeff Manship got the win with two scoreless innings.  Phil Dumatrait got the last out to get the save.  Rochester had only three hits in the game.

New Hampshire at New Britain.  Postponed.  No makeup date has been announced.

St. Lucie 11, Ft. Myers 2 in St. Lucie.  The Miracle got eleven hits but only two runs.  Chris Herrmann had two singles and a double.  Aaron Hicks singled and tripled.  Nate Hanson had two hits.  Ryan Mullins lasted only three innings, surrendering five runs (four earned) on six hits.  Shooter Hunt was the only pitcher to emerge unscathed, allowing a hit and no walks in one inning while striking out two.  Edgar Ibarra gave up four runs on six hits and a walk in just one inning.

Beloit at Wisconsin.  Postponed due to snow.  Tonight’s game has already been postponed as well.  The games will be made up as part of doubleheaders on May 18 and May 19.

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  1. Shooter Hunt was the only pitcher to emerge unscathed, allowing a hit and no walks in one inning while striking out two.

    I wonder when the last time that has happened. Regardless, here's to many more no or low walk outings.

      1. Here's a table with a bit more detail on Shooter's propensity towards walks.

        Year Apperances Innings Pitched App w/o Walk
        2011* 4 6.2 1
        2010 40 67.1 8
        2009 14 32.2 2
        2008 11 50.1 2

        *This is the 3 games FG lists, plus his line from above. I'm not sure if there's a game in there I missed.

        This will be a bit skewed because Shooter spent most of his first two years as a starter, but I really don't feel like breaking it down further.

        1. I just did a quick plot of the rolling 10-game average of Hunt's BB/9. If I could just drag-and-drop the image into the comment, I would, but it's not worth trying to figure out how to upload it somewhere and then linking to it. Anyway, the trend in his walk rate last year is legitimately frightening. It starts out around 4 BB/9 to start the season, and steadily climbs to 27 BB/9 by the end of the season. (His last 10 appearances wound up as exactly 27 walks in 9 innings pitched.) His strikeout rate sort of fluctuated between 8 and 14 K/9, but the walk rate only went one way.

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