20 thoughts on “2011 Game 22: Rays at Twins Postponed”

  1. Boo. What's the problem? I just looked out my window and saw that it was a beautiful, sunny day in the low 70s.

  2. I am going to watch playoff hockey for the first time in I don't know how long.

    I normally am on deck to do the Tuesday game recap, but the game will be played on Thursday, do I just recap the night game then?

    1. As the person responsible for the Thurs. recap, I can say there is very little chance I will be able to write one for the first game before the second game starts. If you want to recap the first, I'd be cool with that. (If you'd prefer the second, that works as well)

      1. Unfortunately, I'll be at work from 9 am to midnight on Thursday, so I would not be able to get a mid-day one up.

        1. Gah! That's another thing I forgot to do today. Uh... If I write something up this weekend, can I send it to you as a "part II" of the regular post?

  3. so, anyone who's savvy: i couldn't get the "hover text", or whatever you call it to work. sean, you mentioned something about a "title", but i couldn't get that to work. what's the spell code?

    1. You have to use the title attribute instead of alt. If you load a previous edit, you will see:
      <img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4029/4522111586_6db35c8700_b.jpg" alt="photo attributed to 'MN Photos' Flickr account, used under Creative Commons fair use rules" width="100%" />
      The alt is what's called an attribute*. If it's "title", instead of "alt", then the text will display when your hover over the image.

      * For example, there are three attributes in the above HTML: src, alt, and width. They're just of the form word="some text".

      1. see, i swear i tried it with "title=etc." before. and now, if i try it with title, and save, it seems all that disappears anyway. must not like it.

          1. it works when you view it in the edit post's HTML tab, but it moves the "title" section to the front of the code. i tried to save it, and it kind of exploded the website for a second.

  4. 18 LTE's on a rainout - not bad.

    Had our first softball game last night; wish it had been rained out, too. Looks like another good field/no hit season for me. I might have to switch to batting LH earlier in the season than usual.

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