Games 157 & 158: Indians 8-7, Twins 2-6

Like you didn't see that coming.

The Twins officially have the second worst season in their history and still have to win one game to avoid tying for the worst record. The Twins need to go 3-1 to avoid 100 losses, which ain't happening.

It's sad when a pitcher has a 6-0 lead in the sixth inning and you're just waiting for him to fall apart. Of course, considering all the balls in the air in the first five innings, it wasn't difficult to realize Diamond was living dangerously. Of course, it sure would be nice to get your best reliever in the game before you blow a six-run lead. It also would help if the Twins would stop running themselves out of innings (or at least scoring position).

In the first game, the Twins ended a nine-game streak of scoring at least three runs after scoring two runs or fewer in seven of their previous nine games. Of course, a lot of good the extra offense did them as the Twins went 1-8 in each nine-game stretch. At least the most recent nine have been more entertaining (and more painful).

Stat of the day: Ben Revere had six doubles in 451 career at-bats before getting three doubles in the doubleheader.

3 thoughts on “Games 157 & 158: Indians 8-7, Twins 2-6”

  1. The Twins are 3-19 in September and have three 19-loss months this season. They need to win out to avoid two 20-loss months, which I believe would be a Twins record for a season. Due to only 26 games this month, they won't be able to get to the worst record for a month.

      1. Nope. The Twins have already matched the wins for the worst month and can't have the same amount of losses, so the "winning" percentage would still be better this month. If they lose out, they'll match the record for fewest wins in a "full" month.

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