2012 Game Logs: Cowtown @ Wolves

The Wolves were up by 18 points late in the third quarter Saturday night before the Hawks went on a 24-2 run as Minnesota grabbed defeat from the clutches of victory. Love and Co. look to rebound tonight against a Kings team that looked seriously awful on Saturday night-- Sacramento scored 23 points in the first half Saturday, for real.

Minnesota is a 7.5 point favorite at home, let's see if DeMarcus Cousins is ready to make the Timberwolves pay for drafting Wesley Johnson ahead of him in the 2010 draft. Hopefully he will go easy on Minnesota as Wes himself seems to have taken the lead on punishing the Wolves.

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  1. Wolves in HD tonight on Nba Tv. It sounds like 1,000 people took Love up on his offer of BOGO tickets. Should be a full house tonight.

    1. X2! What are you? Afraid of the ball!?! I'm getting to the end of my rope with this guy.

    1. Heh. Bench rotations are so important. The problem with starting Rubio is that he can't come in and change the pace of the game.

  2. It really has to grate on Anthony Randolph that Rubio grows a better beard than him.

    1. It is funny, a writer on twitter just did a Nash: Amare :: Rubio : Randolph. Then again, I read this right after:

      If Anthony Randolph can't be productive on this team, with Adelman's offense and Rubio, he'll be in Europe within 2 seasons.

    1. I hope Love gets after the boards, but I also wish someone else on the team would rebound. Getting beat on the boards 24-16 at the half is not a good way to win games.

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            1. In Minnesota, right? Is the prostitute committing a felony or a misdemeanor? Why in the hell did I just ask that?

                1. I've got a feeling Matt Capps is going to be committing a couple of felonies this season.

                2. I represented a couple of women charged with that misdemeanor when I was interning at the PD's office. Pretty awkward discussion for a law student to have with a client, but oh well...

            2. Fun fact: a married woman who has sex with her boyfriend is committing a felony.

              unless it "only" involves sodomy, amiright?

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    1. thanks for letting me know. I haven't seen anything about the Kings' woes in the local paper lately.

      Good god. The Sac Bee has even stopped fawning over Jimmer. Pretty soon he'll just be "Jim".

      Also, not having a healthy Marcus Thornton really hurts the Kings (he played tonight, but I don't think he had his legs back yet after a bad thigh bruise). They get NO offense from their forwards (Salmons? what the hell happened to him?) and DeMarcus Cousins is an ijiot.

    1. meat, I have some bad news. Our beloved Pride of Milford is no longer going to be shipped this far West. So what did I do upon hearing this news? Well, I went and bought every bottle they had at Premier. Then it turns out the Delaware Avenue location is moving and they are bringing out some pretty cool stuff out from storage before they move. Including a magnum of 2006 Anchor Steam Christmas that I picked up today. With that said, how does one go about drinking a magnum?

  3. other thing that surprises me about Ricky Rubio is that I often see him down amongst the tall people near the paint trying to get rebounds. He had 2 boards of that kind in the last couple of minutes. he came into the game averaging 4.1 rebounds a game

    1. I've been pretty impressed with his rebounding ability, a lot like his defensive ability. I wonder if he's got any post-up moves?

  4. Dear World,

    I think it get it now. It is easier to make a lay up than a 3 pointer.


    Wes Johnson.

      1. So sad, but so true. What the hell is going on with Tolliver? He hasn't done much of anything since SCB went down.

    1. As silly as it sounds I feel like this has been one of Wes' better games. To be clear, I am not Wes defender but if he plays smart, gets back on defense, and doesn't take too many shots he is useful. I mean, not as a guy playing 32 minutes of course. Believe it or not he is +10 to this point tonight.

      I think I would just rather Wes taking 10-12 shots a game than Beasley taking 20-25. Plus, Wes might try to play defense. All and all I think we can agree that we should just be thankful for Wayne Ellington.

        1. Wayne is looking suspiciously like an average NBA player the last couple of games. I hope he keeps it up.

      1. Putting it that way, I guess taking 8 open shots from Wes in the flow of the offense is better than 20 offense-stopping shots from SCB.

        That turnaround jumper Wes took needs to never happen again though.

  5. Luke has played so well tonight that the next time I want to criticize him I will just bite my tongue instead. You've earned it, Ridnour.

    1. After what happened in ATL this is nice. The team let one slip away and is building on it.

  6. Rubio with 9 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. I didn't think Ricky was going to be anywhere near this good, period, much less this fast. Now if Adelman/Kahn can find some help for him so he doesn't have to play 40 minutes a game...

  7. just came across this game. its the 4th quarter and the score is 55-50. Im probably not going to watch anymore

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