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2012 Game Logs: Game 25 Kings @ Wolves

If there was ever a team to play when your best player is suspend it would be the Charlotte Bobcats. Then it would be the Washington Wizards.  Then I would probably want to play New Orleans or maybe Detroit. After that, Toronto would probably be a pretty good match up. But let me tell you, after that, the Kings are a pretty good team to match up against when you are missing your best player.  With the Wolves playing the Grizz tomorrow night, this is probably Minnesota's best chance to win one without Love in the line up.

Sacramento has won their last 3 games including one game where Cousins put up a 21/20.  I have a feeling that PEK! will take this as a challenge to his manhood and will respond not only by shutting down Cousins but by putting up a 20/20 of his own. Then again, with Love out, Pek might go for 25/30.

And the matchup chart from covers.com

Matchup Edge

SAC Edge in: MIN
Field Goal %
Free Throw %


Alright, stop me if you have heard this before but good teams beat bad teams, especially at home. Time for the Wolves to show the league they are a good team.

2012 Game Logs: Cowtown @ Wolves

The Wolves were up by 18 points late in the third quarter Saturday night before the Hawks went on a 24-2 run as Minnesota grabbed defeat from the clutches of victory. Love and Co. look to rebound tonight against a Kings team that looked seriously awful on Saturday night-- Sacramento scored 23 points in the first half Saturday, for real.

Minnesota is a 7.5 point favorite at home, let's see if DeMarcus Cousins is ready to make the Timberwolves pay for drafting Wesley Johnson ahead of him in the 2010 draft. Hopefully he will go easy on Minnesota as Wes himself seems to have taken the lead on punishing the Wolves.