38 thoughts on “February 1, 2012: Home Stretch”

      1. EAR is having a pretty good go of it.
        She's been cleaning grout in out kitchen and painting walls.
        If the baby's room was done, she'd probably relax. I'll probably finish that when she's in the hospital.

    1. BTW, seeing that we've got three births coming along in two months here, I just want to point out that last summer, I gave up on the Twins' season when that was still cool.

      It is related, at least at the R household.

  1. Ads on the side of Facebook are getting "clever" -- by adding lots of spaces to their title link, it invisibly covers the 'X' cancel at the right corner of the ad, essentially hijacking the link.

    1. Internet advertising has become so incredibly annoying. I would possibly less annoyed if they ever advertised anything I was interested in, but no. It's always some terrible movie hijacking my browser with a full screen Flash ad.

      1. And that's why I always have Flash disabled in my main browser. Well, that and most ads blocked in the first place.

        1. When I got my daughter a used iMac (last of the PowerPC) she complained that Flash wouldn't work on it. She's now realizing that it's a feature, not a bug.

        1. Since moving to Wisconsin I kept getting ads for Packers related things. I marked all of those as "Offensive".

          1. Though our office is in Minneapolis, our company's HQ is in St. Louis, and I get lots of ads for save money on Missouri insurance. And the best eats in downtown St. Louis. I could buy the streaming MLB service and get Twins games, but I'd have to watch them at the office.

      2. Internet advertising has become so incredibly annoying

        After weather.com put up an annoying mortgage ad with a disgusting dancing woman, NBBW and I both bailed over to wunderground.com.

  2. The 4ltr spews out a trade suggestion today: how about KG to the Nuggets.

    My head might explode if that happens.

    1. Editing is done. Audacity is exporting it and I'll upload it to the server and post it. This episode clocked in at around 1:05, so it's a good thing we built in the intermission.

      Edit: Even at 64 kbps mono, it's gonna take more than an hour to export, according to Audacity's estimate. We'll see how fast I can get it posted.

      1. That sounds really slow. Encoding a single, hour-long audio file should take much less time than that, something like minutes. I wonder how much extra work Audacity is having to do.

        1. Audacity is really, really slow, at least in my experience. A friend of mine and I like to fool around over rap instrumentals, and it was nice to have a free program that let us do this. It certainly had its limitations, though. Obviously I'm not sure what other multi-track audio recording programs are like, or if they're faster, but I don't have the coin to find out.

        2. This file ended up having 8 different layers, so that probably had something to do with it. It came out at 31.5 MB, which is only 5 MB larger than Episode 1, but it's twice as long, so the different compression settings really helped.

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