52 thoughts on “WGOM Radio Episode 2 – T’Wolves & NBA Talk”

      1. Yeah, I heard like 2 minutes of Wolves talk and 10 minutes of general NBA stuff. Seemed kind of disproportionate.

      2. It seems like the middle 50 minutes or so are all null bytes. A bad upload seems doubtful, since errors this large don't really happen if the upload was otherwise successful. It seems like a bad encode or export.

    1. Interesting. I suppose try re-uploading. If there's still an issue, I could try a different kernel on the host, but that would involve a reboot.

      1. I tried to edit as many of those out as I could but:

        1) There were a lot of them, and
        2) If they were while someone was talking, I couldn't figure out how to get them out without chopping the speech as well.

        Trust me, for everyone that's still in there, I took out another one or maybe even two.

          1. ab-so-lutely HIlarious.

            But seriously, I'm enjoying this immensely guys. Particularly with a SN Celebration in my hand.

  1. Buffalo: "Well, let's see, they [the Braves] moved in '77 and I was born in '83..."

    Holy cr@p. This is so wrong. You are making me feel old.

    1. I think that's after the part where we noted that Buffalo wasn't even the youngest podcaster present.

      1. I can safely not process it when you guys give your ages. But giving birth year is juuust a bit too much in my face to ignore.

  2. ESPN is reporting that Miami is making offers to Kenyon Martin and Joel Przybilla.

    I'm still disappointed that the Wolves didn't take a flyer on Przybilla. He's not an offensive player, but he's a solid defender, rebounder and shot blocker. He'd be a huge upgrade for Miami from Joel Anthony.

    Martin I don't have much use for.

  3. looks like i'm going to have to re-download this one when i get back tonight. too bad, was looking forward to it today.

  4. I downloaded the file this morning, put it on my MP3 player. It froze around 2 minutes, was frozen for the next four, then continued around the 52 minute mark.

  5. Just listened to the whole thing- much more T-Wolves talk, which I appreciated. Not that I I don't want to hear about Howard and the rest of the league, but the full podcast was much more entertaining.

  6. We talked at some point (I haven't listened to the whole thing, so I don't know if this made it into the final edit or not) about potential trades for the Wolves that the amnesty clause might be applicable to (i.e., the Wolves take a bad contract back to facilitate acquiring a player they want, with the idea that they could amnesty the bad contract later). At one point I know I remarked that I had thought the amnesty couldn't be used on players acquired in future trades, even if the contract had existed when the CBA was agreed to; Buffalo disagreed with my recollection. This article by DK-endorsed Zach Lowe (see the first bullet point) looks like it confirms what my recollection had been.

    1. Amnesty talk was on the intermission. I plan on releasing that and the "What are you drinking?" we decided to tape after SBG already got off the line (Sorry) as a "Outtakes" episode next week since there will be a gap in recording.

    2. There's more mentions of how the amnesty works in some other articles there, too. I say you got it right, which is bad news for the Wolves. No point in using the amnesty clause on any of the T-wolves' existing contracts, I don't think. Maybe if they desperately need cap room for a trade, but there's just not that much benefit for them.

          1. Yes, cap room. The whole amnesty bit was to rid caps of albatross deals like Arenas and Rashard Lewis'.

            Dumbest move the Knicks made this off season was dumping Chauncey.

  7. Seriously, how are people listening to the whole thing? Whether I listen to it here or I download it, I still get just 12 minutes.

    1. the version i got which updated from the RSS feed in itunes originally didn't work. this morning, i right clicked on the "Download" link, and clicked "Save link as...", and saved it. it worked on the computer, so i loaded it onto my ipod like any other MP3.

    2. When I click on "play in new window", or play it here, it comes up with the 1 hour 5 minute run time now, though it didn't initially. Maybe try erasing some browser history/cookies?

    3. It worked fine for me when I downloaded it and listened with VLC. If you can, could you run a checksum on the file you downloaded? Microsoft has a tool that will do that.

      For reference (I think these are right):

      SHA1: 09d94d3497acc8318ee1108ba8c6dbca4754215c
      MD5: 1438fcfd6e037e6d658e731654af50f5

      Side note: Mags, since you're using Linux, you can trivially verify things on both ends now. Run sha1sum on the file on your laptop and the uploaded file* and you can guarantee yourself that things uploaded correctly. The large error is really strange and you rarely should have any issues, but if you want to be able to double check things, this is how you do it.

      * Instead of using SFTP, you would SSH to wgom.org and run sha1sum in the same fashion. I can help you with this part if you want.

      1. VLC didn't work for me. It reads 1:05, but skips at the 2 minute mark all the way up to the 55 minute mark. That checksum thing confused the hell out of me; have no idea how to use it.

        1. It seems very likely you still have the original file. I'm guessing it's been cached and the file size possibly hasn't changed.

          For the utility, it looks it prompts you for the installation path. I picked the desktop. Put the MP3 file on the desktop as well. Then open a command prompt, cd to the Desktop, and run fciv.exe -both Episode_2.mp3.

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