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  1. i was grabbing some supplies at the local grocery store, and i walked up just as the lady by the liquor section set down a sixer each of this and this for $3 a pop on clearance (they were in generic cases, so i'm guessing semi broken 12-packs?). works for me.

    1. I've had a mixed experience with magic hat brews, but the other is quite the deal. I'm excited to be moving away from the great beer wasteland in the near future.

      1. My experience with Magic hat has not been "mixed", they've been pretty consistently "meh" or worse. I've bought several because they sounded so interesting. It seems like some hack hollywood writer's idea* of a quirky independent small brewer.

        Unless someone here strongly praises them saying "they usually suck, but this is different and awesome", I'll probably never pay for their beer again.

        *I imagine the brewery equivalent of the alternate college in "Accepted" or the "New Ulm" in "New in Town". No offense to Spooky.

          1. I do appreciate it. I was just making a joke. That would have been embarrassing to sit around there the whole game by myself.

  2. On the Grill George Foreman: Omaha Steaks sirloin tips, spuds au gratin, salad, a leftover cheesy roll from Red Lobster, and a Mike's HD Cranberry Lemonade

  3. I guess the solution to the Patriots' sub-par defense was to attempt to use more defenders.

  4. Based on this halftime show, I'd say Madonna would definitely be interested in our next werewolf game.

  5. Lots of best halftime ever tweets out there. Jesus, that title was retired when Prince Rogers Nelson killed it in the rain.

    1. Am I just a cynical jerk to be 100% certain her songs were piped in instead of actually performed?

      Also, is it tough to have the "best something ever" the year after the Black Eyed Peas were involved?

      1. I was wondering about that too. I'd say, at the very least, the background vocals were piped in.

      2. Does it really matter whether the song was lip-synched or not? I think even if Madonna really wanted a live mic, some producer would overrule her because the last thing they want is a faulty mic (and faulty mics seem to happy all the damn time) cutting out in the middle of the show.

        1. I wouldn't allow it to be live. Too much interference to risk it. If there was a short, few second glitch it might look good to prove it was live. But it seems like there's a high probability of faults happening and a low probability of them being very short.

              1. Really? Which ones?

                Go to you tube and watch that Prince show. Obviously live and off the charts great. In. The. Rain.

                If the NFL was willing to go live with Prince, and Bruce, and the Stones, et al. the decision to lip sync isn't because they are afraid of sound glitches.

                1. The Prince show was great because Prince is great, and I've got nothing bad to say about Bruce or the Stones, but I have no issues with producers playing it safe and opting against a live mic. This isn't Milli Vanilli lip synching to cover up the fact that they didn't even record their songs in the first place. A live mic on Madonna would have had little upside and significant downside. I'm firmly in the "so what?" category on this. I watch all kinds of enjoyable pre-recorded programming.

            1. I've got to side with SBG here on the particulars of this performance, which I just watched.
              I didn't find it horrible, but I did get distracted often by how Ciccone kept singing along with the parts of the song that were heavily effected and shouldn't have been performed live (parts of "Vogue" that skipped, compressed chorus parts of "Vogue" and "Music", her entire "Open your Heart"). That sure made it look like she was lip-synching, and obviously so. Other times, it didn't seem like her singing effort matched her voice. So, it was distracting and did detract from the quality of the show.

              It also seemed to me like she wasn't lip-synching well, but I watched on youtube, so I don't know how faithful its synch was to the actual broadcast. But in today's HD world, if you're not good at lip synching, you should try singing.

              The amount of synergistic crossover annoyed me, too. Her new music video is football-themed. The final guest is from NBC's big hit "The Voice".

              Furthermore, that new single is awful.

              Bias going in: I don't think Madonna's done anything particularly good since Bedtime Stories, with the possible exceptions of "Don't Tell Me" and "I Want You". I've often thought her singles sound cool immediately upon hearing them, but they fade significantly upon close listening. Basically: she's apparently got good taste and access to good producers. If only her songs and her performances of them were better.

              1. Also:
                1. M.I.A. mouthed her cuss word lyric, but it made an "ish" sound, as in the radio edit.
                2. I wonder if that was not Minaj's real hair.

    2. Yes to Prince. I didn't watch this year, but if I had I'd've spent the whole halftime complaining about how Prince was better. It's one of those things I'm a broken record about. But the guy is my platonic ideal of a halftime show performer. I mean, he was before he played the superbowl halftime, but then he went out and executed a platonic ideal of a halftime show.

      The choice of "Best of You" as the centerpiece of his set is exactly what I imagined Prince could do: a cover of a recent rock song, not canon, not a crossover hit, and he makes it shine as much (if not more) than his originals. (And he twists in a cover of a canon cover: Jimi's version of Dylan's watchtower.) When he sings "I got another confession my friend / I ain't no fool," is just one of my top musical moments of 2007. Did the Foo Fighters realize that they were writing half of a great Prince song?

      I've queued up the SBXLI halftime show in iTunes. I could listen to this on repeat for hours.

      The guy's up to the challenge, seems like he'd be uniquely able to repeat the formula without repeating the songs or performance.
      How long til they invite him back? It'll get me watching the game again.

  6. I assume this Super Bowl has just been saving all of its excitement for the 4th quarter, right?

  7. Collinsworth: wow, we should just have these two teams play all the time.

    Me: *speechless*

      1. This would be like if the Yankees and Red Sox played a 2-1 game all the time and Al Michaels spent the whole time shouting at routine ground outs.

        1. And Collinsworth talked about how Jeter makes that play 100% of the time right after he makes an error.

  8. man I hate it when announcers say "you almost have to" throw the flag here. Um, no you don't. It's a 100% obvious catch. Save your damn flag.

        1. Well, its incomplete if he's forced out of bounds nowadays, so he had to keep both feet in for it to count.

            1. He has to get both feet in regardless. If he's shoved out while getting one foot in, its still incomplete.

              1. Thought he needed one in, as long as being forced out prevented him from getting the other in. But then again it's not like this isn't the first game I've watched this season.

                1. As of a couple years ago, they didn't have to get any feet in bounds if they were pushed and "would have been in play without contact". But they eliminated that rule, thankfully.

                    1. While I am in complete agreement that the NFL could use stupid reasoning like that for a rule change, I pretend to believe its because the rule was dumb to begin with and it was changed to stop punishing defenders for making a good play.

    1. My favorite part is the broadcasters making Belichick out to be a genius for it and Bradshaw being the dumbest guy ever.

    1. It would have been funny to see one of the linebackers pick up the ball carrier and take him into the endzone.

    2. I couldn't prove it one way or another, but I think this is one of those things where the Patriots probably didn't want them to score, and weren't explicitly letting them score, but weren't torn up about allowing the TD, either.

  9. While letting the Giants score there might have been good strategy, I question the Patriots' strategy of intentionally not trying to score here.

        1. Haha, I totally didn't connect that Eli surpassed his bro in lame championship-currency in Indy until just now.

            1. Oh, wow, that cannot be true, because he won the Super Bowl there and I'm sure we would have heard about that then.

              1. Did they not similarly hammer the Eli trying to surpass Peyton's glory count in Peyton's town?
                /Blissfully ignorant
                /Ditching cable preserves sanity

  10. Oh man, Collinsworth sucked ball hair tonight: Gronkowski ALMOST had it! He was sooo close....

    1. OFFS, the catch by Manningham (it was Manningham, right?) was nothing at all like the Tyree catch, Collinsworth, you stupid jerkface.

      1. I can't believe they were describing that series using the term "original" earlier. Isn't it basically Glee 2?

    1. It was neat seeing players get to touch the trophy. For the first few seconds. But the 8 minutes after that were a bit much, particularly with the short fanfare being repeated a couple dozen times.

    2. Yeah, all of the trophy touching got awkward after a while. It was as though the Giants thought it was a magic talisman rather than a football-shaped hunk of metal.

  11. So, here's my question of the game: the guy who carried in the GW TD was clearly unsure about whether he should go for the end zone or not. How are you unsure in that situation? For one, if the Giants really didn't want to put it in the end zone, why run a rushing play? Just kneel it in the middle of the field, or the side that your kicker would rather kick from. For another, the Patriots had just called a time out. How is that not something you go over very explicitly during the time out? Clearly the team didn't seem to be on the same page, given that at least one of the Giants' linemen was pointing to the ground after the TD as though he wanted the rusher to be down before the goal line.

    1. Two points.

      1. Patriots made a huge mistake by even calling their first timeout. They should have not tackled Bradshaw the first running play and let him score. Then they have two timeouts and a minute left.

      2. I wonder if Bradshaw planned on stopping at the one, but was surprised by the enormous hole. I also wonder if part of him had a hard time resisting scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl. I know the situation was different, being ahead by fourteen hundred points, but Walter Payton was absolutely crushed when the final touchdown was given to Refrigerator Perry and not himself. He was bitter for a long time that he didn't score in that game.

  12. I left around 4:30 to do some baby shopping and take my wife out to dinner (with three kids in tow).
    I left my twitter window open. I have almost three times as many new tweets from 4:30-10pm today as I do most days from 7:30 am-5:30 pm.
    They're all gonna be lame RTs of things people I don't care enough to follow have had to say, right?

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