Game 77: Twins and Royals – Let’s Play Two!

You know, because the first one wasn't (bad/awesome*) enough.

Hochevar vs. De Vries (third best starter in our rotation right now, or fourth best? Either way, it's truly saddening)

* circle one, I'm building stairs, and won't get to edit this before the second game

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      1. He asked for a trade and they fulfilled it. I will admit I thought he might have been just about done with his career after last year, but he's going strong still.

        1. I guess the O's have a shot at the playoffs, and Thome really belongs in the A.L. at this point in his career. But I'd still rather see him finish out somewhere where he has some history, rather than as a Shootist-style gunslinger.

    1. Incidentally, a friend of mine had this very same Six Million Dollar Man lunch box way back in the day. Even as an 11-year old, I knew the illustrations were weak.

      1. Yes, it's been a great day so far for the local nine. Diamond continues to impress. Mauer leads the AL in OPS. A sweep appears probable.

        1. I'm guessing you mean Mauer leads AL catchers in OPS considering he doesn't even lead his own team in OPS. Or do you mean OBP?

  1. Kirkland Belgian-style White Ale. With unexpected car repair bills in the offing, I'm living cheap today. Making a brown rice salad once the rice cools down.

  2. Just stopped in to see what condition my condition was in. Nice to see another lead.

      1. He's in the dugout of the highlight clip of Dozier's pool shot in the earlier game. (which, if you haven't seen it, is REALLY an incredible hit)

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