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2022 Game Log 76 and 77: Twins at Guardians

It's a Double Header today citizens! I'm guessing this is a makeup game from some earlier canceled game but not really motivated to confirm.

Game 1 we have Smeltzer v. Plesac and I've been pleasantly surprised at Devin Smeltzer this year. As for Plesac, he exemplifies the "Guardians have lousy starting pitchers but a lights out bullpen" vibe Cleveland has been riding this year. Let's get some early run boys.

Game 1 first pitch at 12:10p

Twins Game 1 Lineup
2B - Arraez
SS - Correa
RF - Kepler
DH - Garlick
1B - Kirilloff
C - Sanchez
LF - Gordon
3B - Miranda
CF - Celestino

Game 2 is the return Josh Winder who is pitching in the bigs for the first time since May 17. The Guardians throwing out the unfortunately spelled Konnor Pilkington. Also Jorge Polanco back in the line-up.

Game 2 First pitch at 6:10p

Twins Game 2 Lineup
CF - Buxton
SS - Correa
RF - Garlick
DH - Arraez
2B - Polanco
3B - Urshela
1B - Miranda
C - Jeffers
LF - Celestino

2021 Games 15 and16 (Redux): Twins at Angels

Game Times - 3:07 p.m. CDT & 6:07 p.m. CDT

The White Sox own the Twins this year and brother do they have the receipts. After losing yesterday's matinee and the home series to the Pale Hose in what's become a typically scowl-inducing fashion, the Twins hopped a plane to the West Coast to make up two games with Anaheim from April that were postponed because of the COVID. They'll do that with a doubleheader today, after which the team will wing its way to Cleveland to open a weekend series on Friday. That's a lot of miles to log in just a couple of days.

In game one of today's twin bill, the Gemini will send southpaw Lewis Thorpe to the mound. He was added as the 27th man (I still have not internalized this rule) to the roster for the makeup games. His only other appearance this year opened the truncated series in Anaheim on April 16th that's being completed today, a spot start in which he gave up two runs on three hits over four inning. The Angels counter with right-hander Alex Cobb coming off the injured list for his first trip to the mound since Star Wars day. He threw five scoreless innings against the Rays in his last start before he was sidelined with a blistered finger.

Game two today figures to be the better pitching matchup of the pair, with the Twins featuring Jose Berrios and the Angels handing the ball to Griffin Canning (no, that is not some mythical beast putting up preserves). Both Berrios and Canning hold 3-2 records and pitched well in their last starts. Canning has an overall ERA of 4.78 after some rough outings in April, but he's notched a 1.59 ERA over his last three games. Berrios leads the Twins with 49 strikeouts and his ERA sits at 3.74 on the season.

It seems the statfreak mentality has taken hold among some in the  media and the prophets of doom are already casting their gaze to the trade deadline and speculating on what the Twins could get for looming free agents like Nelson Cruz and J.A. Happ and Big Mike Pineda. They may be right, maybe this is a lost season and the front office should look beyond this year already, but then again a lot of people lost good money betting against the New York Giants when they were down by 13 games in August of 1951. Now I'll always have to wonder what they could have gotten in return for Bobby Thompson if only Chub Feeney had been a little more aggressive with his roster moves.

Play ball!

2021 Game Logs 11 & 12: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins

Game 1:
Nathan Eovaldi
Kenta Maeda

Arraez - 3B
Polanco - 2B
Cruz - DH
Kepler - RF
Astudillo - 1B
Kirilloff - LF
Cave - CF
Jeffers - C
Riddle - SS

Game 2:
Eduardo Rodriguez
José Berríos

Two seven-inning games. Still not a fan of those post-2020.

Twins have dropped the last three and risk falling below .500 since Game 2. Maeda and Berríos are the two starters you'd want pitching to end that streak. I hope the bullpen takes the day off because really, they aren't helping.

Games 20 & 21: royals @ twins – Let’s play two!

Because of some truly menacing weather yesterday, we get to test out the goofy new 2020 doubleheader rules. Seven inning games! What do ya know about that? Funny that they are doing an actual, non-split doubleheader, now that there aren't fans to come.

Game 1 features former Terry Ryan thirst trap Ian Kennedy squaring off against Jake Odorizzi. The Odor this far has been mostly absent, so hopefully this game will get him started off on the path he was on last season.

Game 2 is unclear thus far. Bullpen game? Berrios? Odorizzi again? Who knows? It'll be fun, either way.

Games! Twins vs. That Creeping Sense of Dread

This last has been rough, folks.

This series is huge, but it might not mean anything if the lineup can't get healthy. And after last night, the umpires saw fit to waste a start by one of the few starters who's been doing ANYTHING lately.

It's not ideal.

There's (maybe rightfully) a certain sense of dread hanging over this series. Cleveland's  got some deadly pitchers on the hill, and we've got....openers. you know what would cure that? A double header sweep!

Get it done, Smeltzer/Thorpe/Dobnak/etc!

Game 37 (and 38!): Tigers @ Twins – Let’s Play (Another) Two!

At the risk of extreme repetition...

This team is FUN.

Great pitching, great hitting... Byron Buxton not completely sucking. It's been a delight.

You know what would be even more delightful? Another doubleheader sweep.

Pineda and Stewart haven't exactly been aces, but if you're going to toss them out there, you may as well do it against the Tigers.

2016 Games 17 & 18: Twins @ Orioles – Let’s play two!

The Twins are coming off losing a fairly disappointing series against a very beatable Blue Jays team. Every game felt winnable, but they were only able to seal the deal once.

THANKFULLY, the Orioles seem as beatable, if not more so.

Let's see if Polanco can't continue his crazy run, and if they can't bring out the brooms for a doubleheader sweep today. Continue reading 2016 Games 17 & 18: Twins @ Orioles – Let’s play two!

Game Log Games 56 and 57 — White Sox and Twins

We have a doubleheader today and it's one of those old fashioned doubleheaders where they don't clear out the stadium between games. In celebration, we'll have a doubleheader game log too. No need to find a new game log for game two. All its all right here.

Twins against White Sox and again, if the they want to be competitive in the AL Central, sweeping the double against the Whities is imperative for the Twins.

Twins putting up a couple of rookies against Chicago. Fernando Romero in game 1, and Zack Little in game 2. According to the Strib, Zack Little was "acquired from the Yankees for Jaime Garcia last July, was 0-3 with a 5.87 ERA at Class AA Chattanooga before being promoted to Class AAA Rochester. He’s 1-1 with a 2.57 ERA in five outings for the Red Wings, including four starts. In 28 innings, Littell, 22, has given up eight earned runs on 20 hits and 10 walks with 30 strikeouts." he's only up for the doubleheader so hopefully he takes the opportunity to impress Molitor and the gang, while also enjoying some sweet big league perks.

White Sox are putting up someone called Reynaldo Lopez and Lucas Giolito who have records and stats you would associate with a team 20 games under .500 on June 5th. Both are young however. Not sure if they fit in the Sox overall plan.

First game at 3:10. Looks like a gorgeous day for baseball. Let's play two!