33 thoughts on “July 15, 2012: Breaking Bad”

  1. regarding BB, i finally got to the season finale of the 3rd and watched the season premiere of the 4th (the 4th season hadn't quite hit netflix, but i couldn't be bullocksed). literally jaw-dropping television, and i am using "literally" correctly.

      1. regarding the finale/premiere:

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      1. well of course it is. I just bought the DVDs and was planning to sell them. Makes perfect sense that netflix would mess me up by releasing it now.

  2. No Span today. Could be just trying to get Mastroainni a start after the All-Star break, but I'm wondering if Span is hurt or if a trade is in the offing.

        1. Why stop there? Capps, Liriano, Span and Morneau for Poo-holes, Weaver and Trout!!!!1111one1111!!!

          1. Pujols and Mauer on the ssame team? I dont think the rubes have enough boos in their system.

  3. Updated the WGOM server last night (to Ubuntu 12.04 if anyone is curious). We're set for another five years.

  4. Listening to Suzyn and sterling on the way to JFK today

    Suzyn: (on field design) not like Target Field, which is beautiful, but nobody can hit a homerun there.

  5. 456 days and 100,000 comments. Here's to way more than another 456 days and more talking about beer, books, movies, sports, and the community.

      1. I had my first beignets as a resident of this fair city yesterday after the running of the bulls. Will, I'd suggest a visit to your in-laws around the running next year as it was a wild experience.

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