31 thoughts on “Francisco Liriano is now a Pale Hoser”

  1. Hernandez is 23, looks like he was drafted out of Venezuela by the Padres in 2007. Decent minor league numbers and pretty fair progression from Dominican Summer Leagues in 2007 and 2008 up through the PCL last year. Chicago got him this year and he's played mostly in the Southern League with a few starts in the International League.

    1. Yeah, I like Hernandez. Low walk and HR rates and solid K rate. Doesn't have ace potential, but could be pretty good and could be up next year along with Gibson. Escobar better be a brilliant defender, otherwise he's another switch hitting middle infielder that can't hit. Been there, done that.

      1. KARE reported that Escobar was rated as one of their top ten prospects, and he is blocked by Ramirez. Not a lot of data to go on from B-R, though.

  2. There are 28 teams I'd rather see him on.

    Good luck, F-Bomb. You are now one of my mortal enemies.

  3. "... I'm not going to say he pitches to contact. No, he doesn't do that. He pitches to get outs."

    I'm so glad you're back, TR.

  4. The trade, however, was tough for the teary-eyed Escobar, 23, who was consoled by Orlando Hudson and A.J. Pierzynski after the game.

    "It's more than just numbers and how he plays," Ventura said of Escobar, who hit two doubles in the Sox's victory to raise his average to .207. "It's kind of everybody living together for a long time, and the attitude he brings and all that. It's a tough one, I think, team-wise."

    Hopefully, not another Tommy Herr trade. Of course, when Escobar realizes how his skills are so valued in Minnesota, I'm sure he'll be feeling better.

    1. Also, I have a hard time picturing O-Dog and A.J. consoling anyone. Interesting that they were both former Twins. Also, was just thinking how Liriano will be pitching to A.J. now, since both were on opposite ends of a famous (or infamous in San Francisco) trade.

        1. That would also be true at the end of the season if Liriano walked away and signed with someone else.

    1. Now we know why he was traded to the White Sox. Let him suck for a while and then force the White Sox to trade the Twins a real catcher for Butera.


    I did NOT want to see him go there. But hey, if this means that in a couple years Escobar hits a game-winning, division-winning, or even playoff-winning homer off the White Sox, we'll remember this day quite fondly.

    Still... NOOOOO!

  6. so the rotation is Duensing, Deduno, Diamond, De Vries, Blackburn

    Drew Butera may never see the lineup now that Pavano is on the DL and Liriano gone

    Liriano will always be remembered for the 2006 season and one of the sloppiest no hitters ever pitched

  7. So, word is Liriano's staying in town until the Sox arrive. Does that mean he's pitching Monday? Any word on when he'll pitch his first game? It'll be really weird if my first game at Target Field is watching Liriano pitch his first game against the Twins.

  8. the last trade between the Sox and Twins was way back in 1986. The Trade traded Pete Filson for Juan Agosto and Kurt Walker.

  9. I'm really torn. I want Frankie to succeed, but it would be absolute Boo if he were to be the difference in the White Sox making the playoffs. I'm rooting for him to not make a critical difference either way, but wouldn't mind him melting down against the Twins.

  10. Also, does Escobar mean we really, really, really won't ever see Tsunami back with the big club? I think that adds dirt to his grave.

    1. I also think Casilla is a goner after this season (or if someone wants to pick him up in a trade)

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