67 thoughts on “Oakland at Minnesota”

  1. I really like NBCSN's EPL coverage, but it is missing Ian Darke's voice.

    also, nice easy inning for Hendriks. It seems like he doesnt get enough of those.

    1. Wouldn't that be a great tat (Hello my name is Consuela - and the bitchin' tag)? I'm thinking upper bicep.

  2. Biking buddy's name is Voigt (same family as Jens Voigt of Tour de France fame) - same prononciation as this boyo.

  3. it might be me, but I think its crazy that there is a few weeks left of the season and this is the FIRST GAME against Oakland.

  4. problem with these losing seasons is that it allows too much time browsing eBay. Just picked up a Koskie auto and a couple nice Puckett cards I needed. Gixen has been a big boon for me, to my wife's chagrin

  5. Dazzle all GOML re: Moneyball, although now regarding Oakland's use of platooning, which he's calling "Platoonball", all this after Provus listed a stat that teams that platoon have a .015 better BA

    yeah, dumb.

  6. 6 K's for Hendriks ties a career high

    that is a low strikeout total for a career high

    I miss the days of Johan striking out 6 in the first inning

      1. The Crew's stadium was the first one built specifically for a MLS team. The USSF gives them this game because of that and their ability to get pro-US crowds.

        1. Also, there's no Mexicans there. My understanding is that the USMNT always offers to play the Mexico game in a more "neutral" location like Houston or LA, but Mexico will never agree to move the US game out of Azteca and to somewhere that isn't a mile high and full of smog.

  7. With a 2-2 draw between Honduras and Panama, the US of A is going to the the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil! 🙂

  8. Josh Willingham had a revelation. He'd seen Brian Duensing come out of Gardy's office, and asked him what the manager had said. "Pitchers pitch, batters bat, and managers think," had been the response.

    Suddenly his struggles became clear to him. He'd been thinking. He'd been thinking about his hands, thinking about his feet, thinking about his stride, thinking about what the pitchers might throw. Thinking, thinking, thinking.

    All that thinking was hurting him and hurting the club. "No more!" he resolved. "Tonight, I'm not going to think. I'll let Gardy think, and I'll just bat."

    It worked. After the game, a jubilant Josh Willingham said, "Gardy's a genius!"

    And we're still on track for 82-80!

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