2014 – Game 116: Twins at Athletics

I won't talk about May here ... things can only improve for him, right?

As for today's game, I wouldn't mind avoiding the sweep, but that's about all the energy I've got to invest at this point.

Hughes (11-8, 4.01 ERA, 98 ERA+, 2.68 FIP, 1.246 WHIP) v. Hammel (9-9, 3.70 ERA, 104 ERA+, 3.78 FIP, 1.203 WHIP)*

*2014 combined stats: Cubs & A's

Following yesterday's game, the Twins did what most (all?) of us thought they should be doing at this point in another lost season by trading veteran pitcher Kevin Correia to the Los Angeles Dodgers for cash or a player to be named later. There was some brief discussion of it here yesterday. Comments were pretty matter of fact. Between insufficient run support and about average stuff, Correia provided about as was expected. Even so, according to sean:

Correia had a 1.6 rWAR last season and a -0.0 rWAR this season. FanGraphs rates them 1.4 fWAR and 0.9 fWAR respectively. The Dodgers are paying the final $1.5 million, so that's 1.6 rWAR and 2.3 fWAR for $8.5 million. That's $5.3 million / rWAR and $3.7 million / fWAR. He did everything the Twins expected, plus some.

That's kind of a nice way to sum up that FA signing...they got what was expected, plus some.

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    1. Crap, I forgot to translate the time on MLB.com to Central. I thought I had another hour.

      Anyway, today is the free MLB.tv game

  1. Still have Dodgers-Brewers on the TV. GoGo nearly made a great leaping grab at the wall. He kept it in the park, but the run scored. Even if he'd caught it, the runner at 3rd would have tagged and jogged in.

  2. Brian Dozer's 44th career HR, passes Dougie Baseball and Chuck Knobluach.
    Delmon Young had 47 in a Twins uniform.

  3. I did not know there was a guy named Schafer on the roster. I do such a poor job keeping up with things sometimes.

  4. Working on some cabinetry out at the cabin, listening to the Twins game....drinking a Keystone Light.

    I expect my sitewide ban will be coming shortly.

        1. I was thinking sort of like Willingham. He had a career year his first year and not so much after that.

      1. make an @ss of Gardy and Schafer.

        both of these things happened!

        Also, the radio makes it sound like Nunez did things half-measure. Is this true?

  5. Nice snag by Nunez. I love those plays at 3rd where the fielder already has the ball before the camera has a chance switch over. I dunno how they can react so fast.

    1. I remember the one time I got to play third base growing up (not many opportunities for a lefty). A kid hit a line drive right at my face, and I instinctively moved my glove hand to block it. The ball stuck.

      I have operated on the idea that most plays at third base are like that.

      1. This one, however, wasn't right at him. Very nice reaction by Nunez, but I think the foul ball catch was better because of how far he had to go and it did not get up very high.

  6. Phil Miller ‏@MillerStrib

    The blown bunt in 7th inning was not a called squeeze play, Gardy said. Schafer was bunting on his own and Nunez just got too aggressive.

    maybe try stop bunting on your own.

    1. In the old days, I've read that players used to have signals between themselves in situations like that. I didn't see the play, so I really can't say who was at fault, but it does seem like it puts the runner on third in kind of a tough position if he's not expecting a bunt and then suddenly sees the batter square around.

      1. My initial though was that Nunez thought he missed the sign for a squeeze bunt, which would indicate he either wasn't paying attention to a coach or he doesn't know the sign for a squeeze bunt. Also, Schafer has been bunting on his own a lot since he got here, which probably isn't a good idea for a guy that is 1-for-13 on bunts with 5 sac bunts, meaning he's reached base 1 time in 18 bunts that didn't go foul. Just swing it, Jordan.

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