37 thoughts on “Game 161 Twins at Tigers”

  1. Well, Pinto was supposed to play this game, but no one knows why Fryer is playing now.

  2. Judging by Dazzle, seems like Ausmus almost has to challenge that play. Two runs would have scored if Mauer came off the base.

        1. I didn't see this play, but I was really just thinking of the "absurdly to the right of the bag *cough* nick swisher *cough* type plays.

          1. didn't see it either. Watching on radio. Just making a generic comment about the difficulty of policing.

          1. I agree. I also agree with the general sentiment expressed above on take-out slides, but here he slid straight into the base, not to the side and not five feet past the base. This one was just one of those things that happens sometimes.

  3. I was going to switch over to the CHI/KC game, and now I realize I have to choose between Hawk or Hudler/Physioc for commentary.

    If only someone had invented a mute button.

  4. The Twins scored 12 runs against the Tigers in Detroit with the division on the line with a lineup featuring Eric Fryer, Chris Herrmann and Aaron Hicks. Baseball. Gotta love it.

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